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Citizen helps Manteca Police arrest three robbery suspects
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It took Manteca Police officers only five minutes to catch up with an armed trio Wednesday night that took cash at gunpoint from the register of the Sinclair gas station at 1001 East Yosemite Avenue.

Only one man entered the store while another male and a female stayed in their vehicle outside the convenience store at the station.  Police said the clerk struggled with the gunman on his way out the door. It was witnessed by a customer who decided to follow the trio eastbound on Yosemite Avenue as they got onto northbound Highway 99 in their attempt to flee.  The customer called 911 and stayed on his cell phone with the dispatcher to allow the officers time to get in position to make a high risk stop of the vehicle.

Sgt. Bryan Holland said the public is stepping up more and more to help police to bring a stop to criminal activity in the community but cautioned that they shouldn’t put themselves in jeopardy in the process. 

Officers made a traffic stop just south of the Lathrop Road interchange where they ordered them out of their vehicle at gunpoint.  It was shortly after that when a Stockton family collided with the rear of a Manteca patrol unit injuring an officer who was complaining  of pain to his neck.

The suspects were transported to San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp.

Officers have been on the alert for armed robberies along Yosemite Avenue and on Main Street since an unusual number have occurred in the past several weeks.


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