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Classless act by Sierra High fan(s) at EU
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You want to see something that is completely without class?

Then drop by the East Union High snack bar at Dino Cunial Stadium.  Some jerk(s) - and that’s being polite - committed a wanton act of vandalism by using spray paint to cross out the word “Lancers” and add the word “T-wolves” in addition to other pro-Sierra High graffiti.

This is not being true to your school unless, of course, you think it is a reform school.

It’s vandalism, pure and simple. It’s without class and it’s a crime. It also ruined an Eagle Scout project by Michael Decker that involved hundreds of hours. He put his heart and soul into it plus got people from the community who also donate to Sierra High to help him with the cost.

And what did this wanton act of perverted school spirit bring your school? You’ve managed to tarnish everything that is good about Sierra High. It smears the good name of anyone who is proud to be a member of The Wolfpack.

In a sense it is also like you took a can of spray paint and vandalized a close relative’s house. Not that greater distance should allow you to commit criminal acts, but those who go to East Union High are your neighbors. Your classmates probably played on recreational sports teams with them. They live in the same community. You might as well have just taken your spray paint cans and did a number on the snack bar at Daniel Teicheira Memorial Stadium.

You probably think what you did was funny. Would you be laughing if someone from East Union had done that to your snack bar? I’d bet you’d be furious.

Why, because such vandalism shows contempt and disrespect. The mentality is no different than that of gang members who mark other people’s property in a twisted way of showing they are macho.

One hopes that East Union doesn’t retaliate. It takes a lot of maturity and class not to respond to such senseless acts. It takes real men - and women - to turn the other check when something as stupid as defacing a rival school takes place and to refrain from retaliating.

You could redeem yourself and undo the damage that you’ve done to Sierra High’s stellar reputation and step forward, admit that you did it and then offer to paint over the damage and restore the East Union High snack bar to its previous condition. Then you should also apologize at an assembly to the East  Union student body.

It wouldn’t make what you did OK but it would show that the act of vandalism was an “I-wasn’t-thinking-and-I-apologize” incident. It takes real courage not just to admit when you did a wrong but also take steps to correct it on your own. Hopefully if you did that, school officials would let you skate by with a stern warning.

However, rest assured if school officials have to find out who you are there will be a bigger price to pay.

Generations of Manteca, East Union, and Sierra students, parents, and faculty have labored to make sure rivalries are kept friendly.

Being part of a school community is something that is bigger than yourself. Whatever you do reflects on your classmates. It may not be fair but when you opted to use the good name of the “Twolves” and “Sierra High” in graffiti on another campus all you did was hurt your school.

It’s not right that others may now think of T’wolves as nothing but low class taggers. After all, it was perhaps one or a handful of people who did this. But when you wear school colors whether it is in a letterman’s jacket or a spirit shirt you represent your school. What you do reflects on your school whether it is good or bad.

Keep that in mind the next time you think you have a great idea and you grab a can of spray paint or whatever any other device to spread the word about your school by defacing another school.

In one fell swoop, you just let people know that someone who professed to be a true blue Sierra High Timberwolf is willing to deface his or her school’s reputation and that of their classmates by sneaking around in the middle of the night and showing the entire world they lack class.