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Getting past Blue Monday
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What a way to kick off the week: Blue Monday.

The date, Jan. 17, 2011, was published a few years ago in a press release under the name of Cliff Arnall, who, at the time, was a tutor at the Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Blue Monday, he concludes, using algebraic formula consisting of such variables as weather, debt, time since Christmas, and low motivational levels, is said to be “the most depressing day of the year.”

This is about the time when most people begin to sway away or drop their New Year’s Resolution. Although I heard otherwise at my health club: “I’m going to lose the weight, starting today,” said the woman sporting the matching Oakland Raiders sweat pants and shirt.

How can this be the most depressing day since most people had the day off thanks to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

My son, Josh, was thrilled, no doubt. He not only got to sleep in but enjoyed an afternoon of bowling with friends and classmates.

I know my current finances fit the Arnall’s formula. But that’s not just on Blue Monday but most days before pay day or prior to getting my tax refund. Until then, I play the financial juggle game, paying bills at the last minute or making payment arrangement while having just enough for gas to get to work and food for the rest of the week.

In other words, I live every day stretching my finances. I’m certainly not going to let something like Blue Monday get me down.

The weather, however, was a bit gloomy. But I’ll take gray skies, say, over fog.

Fog, at least around here, doesn’t linger as long as other parts of the valley. I used to live in Fresno, where Tule fog, at times, proved fatal on my regular route to work. This was along the same stretch of Highway 99 near Selma and Kingsburg where multi-vehicle mishaps were too common under such conditions.

Besides, it’s not the bad weather that’s the cause of carnage and even loss of life but rather the operator of the vehicle not heeding to the conditions.

So what about the low motivational levels?

Better yet, how’s that different from most Monday, which, for many, is the start of the work week?

 Just don’t call it a case of “The Mondays,” as referred to in the 1999 movie, Office Space.

Blue Monday, meanwhile, may have lived up to expectations in other parts of the country.

Reports have it that the United Kingdom was hit by fierce storms as folks returned to work (it’s too bad they don’t celebrate MLK Jr. Day across the pond).

Speaking of Blue Monday, the British band, New Order, performed the song of this title that became popular in the dance club scene.

Over the years, the song “Blue Monday” has been widely remixed and covered since its original release in 1983.

Contrary to “the most depressing day of the year,” Blue Monday, in this case, is an uplifting ‘80s dance tune.

It can also be depressing if you’re not a fan of the song or music of that era.