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Is the Preacher going to go after Queen Megs ex-housekeeper?
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Am I missing something?

In all of the political commotion about Meg Whitman’s illegal alien housekeeper why hasn’t anyone asked the man who likes to brag that he’s California’s top law enforcement officer - Attorney General Jerry Brown - why he isn’t taking steps to make sure the federal immigration authorities deport Nicky Diaz Santillan.

Being in this country illegally is breaking the law and so is falsifying federal documents since apparently she has a fake Social Security number. Yes, these are federal crimes but as an officer of the court who is also sworn to uphold the laws of the land shouldn’t Brown be calling up someone at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Hold it. Perhaps Brown is having a 1970s flashback to the days he was governor when the people reaffirmed the death penalty by passing an initiative that met constitutional muster and Brown as governor worked mightily to derail the law of the state.

As for Whitman, at least we know she’s not a cheapskate forking over $23 an hour for a housekeeper. If the housekeeper worked six hours a day five days a week that meant she was making $35,880 a year.  That’s a healthy chunk of change. At least she’ not a Leona Helmsley who also was known as “The Queen of Mean.” It proves that Whitman may indeed have the stomach to throw money around which makes her a perfect fit for Sacramento.

Then there’s the housekeeper herself. She’s in this country illegally making $23 an hour for nine years. And she’s indignant that Whitman canned her after telling her she was like family? If that’s true then why did she feel it was OK on her part to deceive “family” by lying to Whitman by giving her faked Social Security cards and other documents that weren’t exactly above board? She’s the poster child for in-your-face illegals who say they are here taking jobs that Americans don’t want such as working washing dishes and in the fields yet here she is pulling down $23 an hour working for a billionaire.

Let’s not forget the Town & Country Employment Agency that referred Santallian to Whitman. They obviously did a crack up job meeting state and federal laws about verifying citizenship.

Then we have Gloria Allred, a feminist lawyer who conveniently brings up stuff about Republicans acting badly such as the infamous “Grope-a-nator” tidbit that surfaced thanks to Allred late in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recall campaign. That’s not a problem in itself but it is when in past years she has said she’s not politically motivated yet she gave Democrats like Bill Clinton a big pass.  What’s the difference between a Republican groper and a Democratic groper except for their politics?

The big thing here - according to Allred - is that Whitman is lying when she denies knowing that she was hiring an illegal alien not at minimum wage but at $23 an hour. As such we must assume that she can’t be trusted to run California as if honesty has even been a litmus test for a politician, newbie or otherwise.

Not that two wrongs make a right but she’s also representing a client who is also a big liar. She lies about her legal status and she falsifies government documents.

And why would Santillian need a lawyer? I forgot. She broke the law in order to get hired by Whitman.

Yes, Whitman has been tripping all over her well-scripted $140 million campaign to try to get out from under the illegal housekeeper charges after suffering a severe self-inflicted case of foot-in-mouth disease.

And Brown - true to form - is doing his pious preacher act.

Meanwhile neither gave direct answers to key questions about the budget and other pressing issues in their first debate.

It’s little wonder why so many people voted for Gary Coleman for governor in the recall election.