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Michael Jacksons star-studded memorial service
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It’s Tuesday morning and I’m online trying to find the best PC feed to view the Michael Jackson memorial services.

Sure, there are other issues taking place throughout the world. But this memorial indeed was a worldwide event, with tens of millions tuned via the internet, television and radio.

I’ve tried various news and entertainment websites, including Keloland, CBS, and E! After some perusing, I’ve settled on Live with a Facebook link.

The celebration of Michael Jackson’s life began shortly after 10 a.m. with Smokey Robinson, whom I had to pleasure to see in concert at last year’s San Joaquin County Fair, reading condolences from the likes of Diana Ross and Nelson Mandela.

From here on out, the event became a who’s who of those paying tribute to the King of Pop in words and song. Included were Berry Gordy, Mariah Carey, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Jennifer Hudson, Rev. Al Sharpton, John Mayer, and Martin Luther King III, to name a few.

Some 5,000 people were privileged to be seated inside Los Angeles’ Staples Center, receiving their “golden ticket” on an online lottery.

Occasionally, I would glance over the posted messages on Facebook. David Campbell of New York, NY, for one, mentioned that he and some of his colleagues at work were huddled around the cubicle watching the memorial.

Queen Latifah called Jackson the “biggest star on Earth.” She shared memories of her and her brother singing and dancing to Jackson 5 tune, Dancing Machine.

It had been years since many of us have seen the Jackson brothers, but here they were – Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy – sporting each a sequined glove made famous by the King of Pop.

That title, said Gordy, the Motown founder and chief, was hardly a fitting one for Michael Jackson.  “He is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived,” Gordy added.

Brooke Shields along with Michael’s brothers, Jermaine and Marlon, along with his daughter, Paris Katherine, provided some heart-felt tributes.

The latter sobbed, uttering how much she missed and loved her father.

Jermaine and Marlon had a deep connection with Michael, especially during their days with the Jackson 5. Jermaine shared vocals (See: I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save, and I’ll Be There) while Marlon, the second youngest on the group, was Michael’s pal.

Shields had been friends with Michael Jackson since she was 13, and understood what it was like to be sheltered from the public.

She also recalled when he shot up to super stardom.

“What’s up with the glove?” asked Shields. “If you’re going to hold my hand, make sure it’s the one without the glove. The sequined hurts my hand.”

It only seemed fitting that services concluded with friends, family and those in the entertainment world participating on stage with two familiar Michael Jackson songs, “We Are the World” and “Heal the World.”

Sean Draden of Norfolk, VA, refused to believe that the King of Pop was gone.

“He’s not dead. He’s going to jump out of the casket. Get ready for it,” he said on Facebook.

Of course, that never happened. But the countless messages posted on this day made it quite clear: Michael Jackson’s music will live forever.