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Newsom-Harris: Dream team for illegals who commit crimes
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Dirty Harry – a creation of Hollywood – could not thrive in the real San Francisco as an inspector.

Harry’s character didn’t coddle criminals. That is why he’d never make it in San Francisco where Kamala Harris is district attorney.

Harris oversees a DA’s office that has a conviction rate lower than the percentage of people who admire the folks who ran Enron into the ground.

This wouldn’t be a big deal for folks in San Joaquin County since it is always nice to know criminals can do their thing a lot easier just 60-plus miles away instead of preying on folks here.

Harris, though, wants to be California’s attorney general.

It is true the attorney general doesn’t exactly go around prosecuting your typical blue collar criminal. Instead they enforce state statutes – mostly against corporations – as well as render legal opinions to guide state operations and oversee the prosecutorial side of law enforcement in California to make sure everything is running according to plan.

Harris apparently believes she can pick and chose the laws that she wants to follow given the assumption that San Francisco is a sovereign nation.

Case in point is her unabashed support for allowing illegals arrested for drug offenses to stay in The City and clear their records through a work program and then go free instead of being turned over to the Immigration and Custom Enforcement for deportation.

It took the Los Angeles Times  to warn the rest of California exactly just how wild The City is these days when it comes to making the streets of San Francisco safe for criminals but not law abiding citizens.

The LA Times zeroed in on the case of Alexander Izaguirre. He is an illegal immigrant from Honduras.

He was placed in the year-long Back on Track program in 2007. Then last summer he allegedly robbed a woman of her purse and then jumped into a SUV that drove into the 30-year-old victim and ended up fracturing her skull.

So how did Izaguirre get into a program designed to help drug offenders go straight – it’s got about a 55 percent success rate – and not go to jail? Simple.  His first two arrests – one for drugs and one for another purse snatching – qualified him to enter the program. Upon successful completion the charges were dropped.

This time around when he was arrested the federal government placed a hold on him while he awaits trial.

It gets better. Following Izaguirre’s latest arrest, Harris’ lieutenants figured they’d better check on Back to Track enrollees. They discovered six couldn’t legally work in the United States as they were illegal immigrants. Keep this in mind since the Back to Track program is designed to help those on drugs turn their life around and secure gainful employment.

Harris’ office decided – even though they were doomed to fail after they exited  the program since they couldn’t  legally work – to keep the other six in the program as they had been in it for at least eight months and  were meeting the requirements (except, of course, lying about their citizenship status). It gets even better. They allowed the six illegals to finish the program earlier than the legal citizens so they could have their criminal records expunged and go on their merry way presumably supporting themselves with criminal activities since the can’t legally work in this country.

Harris stays true to her sound bite about how it isn’t her job to do the federal government’s work.

Really. If it is OK for her as sworn law enforcement officer to blatantly ignore federal law when she so chooses what message does that send?

Remember it is the administration of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom that coddled illegal juveniles  who committed crimes and sent them to group homes to shield them from deportation. Right now, a trial is under way on one such “success story” who – after lying about his age when prosecutors found out he was an illegal so he could be protected as an illegal juvenile under the San Francisco program – ended up gunning down a man and his two sons and critically wounding a third son that looked at him the wrong way as they were returning home from a family outing.

Imagine what fun we’d all have if Gavin Newsom was governor and Kamala Harris was state attorney general.

It would be a clear cut siren call that Californians may have to arm themselves for protection from the criminals – even those who aren’t legal citizens of this country – to assure the safety of their families and to secure their homes.