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The Occupy folks prove once again its all about them
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Occupy Everything & Anything.

It’s the Me Generation redux.

If you doubt that just look at what’s happening down on The Farm.

The Farm - 10 acres known as the Albany Tract that’s owned by the University of California at Berkeley - is the latest boil on common sense infected courtesy of the self-righteous Occupy movement folks.

They have been there since April 22. They have set up camps and have planted crops.

They are demanding that the site be turned into an urban farm.

It’s too bad they are so full of themselves. There is farming research going on there and if it is successful it will help provide more food with less chemicals and such. In other words, the university is using the land to do what one would think a goal of the Occupy group would be, which is to undermine the corporate way of doing things —in this case is massive farm operations that depend on chemicals, chemicals, and more chemicals to work.

It is also an ecologically-based pest management program that is trying such things as mixing flowers with lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, basil and beans to see if the flowers attract pests, and introduce nutrients that help control pests and disease that damage food crops.

The College of Natural Sciences - that is now being blocked from gaining access to the research area by Occupy anarchists - is dedicated to finding natural ways to increase food production to meet global needs.

Some of the Occupy protestors, in their infinite wisdom, have already cut down diseased branches of fruit trees. The only problem is these trees were intentionally infected in a bid to see if ecologically-based solutions can cure them, instead of spraying them with chemicals.

Granted, the farming experiment takes up only part of the acreage but nevertheless the smugness of the Occupy folks comes through loud and clear.

One was quoted as saying all they were doing was working to make sure there was “healthy, local, yummy, tasty food for people who need it.”

Another protestor vowed to stay on site to protect all of their hard work.

The main-line media and the flash-mob-story-of-the-second produced by the Internet nicely focus on the “noble social goals” of the criminals. (Sorry, but trespassing and seizing land that doesn’t belong to you is still considered a criminal act even in California.)

Essentially none of the coverage - and certainly not Occupy blogging - addresses what the land is being used for the university. There is a reason. They don’t care. The facts don’t fit their agenda. To justify their lawlessness they will come up with whatever facts they need to paint a sympathetic picture of what they are doing.

They have a rampant disregard for property rights, whether it is smashing bank windows, trying to force the shut down on May Day of independent restaurants in downtown Oakland.

The land belongs to UC Berkeley. It does not belong to them.

It is funny how they howled about their property rights being violated when Oakland Police “seized” their tents and stuff after months of illegally camping on the city hall plaza, but when they seize property that doesn’t belong to them it is another story.

The Occupy movement has been accused of not being focused and not getting a clear message across.

Actually, that’s not true. They are advancing the cause of situational ethics or the old “the end justifies the means” argument. It is just like what they’ve accused the 1 percent they love vilifying of doing.

Occupy is no longer a movement - although you can debate whether it ever was to begin with. It has deteriorated into a rallying point for self-righteous thugs committing lawless acts.


This column is the opinion of managing editor, Dennis Wyatt, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of The Bulletin or Morris Newspaper Corp. of CA. He can be contacted at or 209-249-3519.