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The release of the lead balloon
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I read in this newspaper on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 that “the City manager floats utility tax balloon.” The new City Manager Steve Pinkerton, has or still is talking about raising the taxes on all of our utilities from garbage to gas and electricity. Are you kidding me?

After just digesting the report in the Sun Post that published the salaries of most of the city employees’ showing what seems a nice high range of salaries and benefits, I am confronted by a pink lead balloon that would dip into all of our pockets. Now maybe if we were all making $100,000 a year that wouldn’t hurt much, but most of us Mantecans don’t even get close to that. He has indicated that for homeowners about 20,000 of us are paying less taxes on our homes due to devaluation of our property in the last couple of years. Those of us who rent get no relief from the taxes going down but would have to pay the higher utility fees anyway.

 I do not support this utility tax and I do see it as the beginning of a very slippery slope. Once they pay some hired guns to come and tell us how good this will be for us and convince us or a majority of us to vote yes on this issue. There will be no end to this kind of thinking.

You know, the old City Manager tried to stick us with this increase in utility fees but we rejected his idea. I can remember a nice breakfast meeting at the golf course trying to convince us to  vote for it. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be some more tactics like this trying to “soften” us collectively up for a vote. Oh they will have some great looking charts and graphs and dynamic drawings to show how nice it will be to have this and that from the increased tax but am going to ask you, the people of Manteca, to say NO!! to this nonsense. We need to cut expenses before we even think of increasing our taxes.

In Boston, years ago during a shipment of tea which was meant to be taxed, our forefathers revolted and said “no new taxes!” Remember when George Bush, the dad, said that and then changed his mind? Well I think that cost him his second election. If our elected leaders here in Manteca insist on forcing this tax on us, then you will know what to do come election time. Know what I mean? Let me make it perfectly clear… No Utility Taxes for us. We don’t want this balloon floating over our heads.

That’s my only topic this week. If you would like to let me know how you feel, call me at 209 607-6651 and let me know.

Lots of fun stuff coming our way this and next month. I hope to see you out and about. Mr. Pinkerton, find another way to cover your deficit otherwise this lead balloon could become a major disaster.

Keep reading folks and I will keep writing as we are all in this together. See ya in church, front row…Sid