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Theres no place like home
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I’m writing this piece at more than 30,000 feet above Texas on my way home to Ripon and Manteca. 
I’ve lived in Ripon for more than 45 years. I quickly realized that’s where my heart is and probably always will be without question even though I was born in the Lincoln Heights village of Los Angeles.
I have been with our youngest son Scott for four days and enjoyed his two-story home in Mansfield with grandkids Krista and Justin. Krista is in law school and Justin is a senior and student body president of his high school. I saw him leave for a ball game last night where he was scheduled to address the crowd, dressed in black slacks and maroon shirt and dark grey tie looking like he belonged in GQ magazine

National Night Out, Texas style
We went to a National Night Out event in my son’s community and talked to one of the officers in the city of some 80,000 souls — very similar to Manteca. One big difference was the number of police officers on the street that adds up to a whopping 16 where Manteca usually has only four. The common rule of thumb throughout California is one for every 1,000 population. 
Gifting a friend Texas property
Told a close friend of mine I would be buying some Texas property for her and would bring a deed back home. To make it all real, I took a picture of my son Scott and the location of the new house he has under construction.  Next to the sold sign I took a picture of him scooping some of that rich Texas soil into a pill bottle — a bottle I would present to my friend with a copy of a quick deed and a receipt for $1.  Hopefully she doesn’t think me to be too silly, but it is a good conversation piece at best.
And there is also a picture of Scott holding the bottle up in front of a street sign on the corner seeing the location of the property  not?
Sage advice from
imaginative son
My son told me this week not to ever divulge my age seeing my fast pace — fleet of foot he says.  “Dad, when someone asks you how old you are tell them you are over 50 and old enough to get an AARP card and enjoy its discounts.”
There are several life happenings that can make us feel younger than we are in years.  The smile of a good friend, the twinkling of eyes and witnessing a teenage grandson save a life as I saw happen this week.  He didn’t pause for a moment before kicking down a door and calling 911 for an ambulance when no one else was at home at the friend’s family residence.
I’m so very proud of him. He was accepted to Texas Tech this week and hopes to major in in Political Science.
Ripon emergency vehicle
car show Saturday
It’s always an exciting time to see the Ripon-Menlo Park Police Department Emergency Vehicle Show in the Fourth Street Community Center that takes place Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with everything from 1930 police cars to ambulances and older military vehicles. 
It’s great fun too to head over to Sonic Burger with them after they arrive in Ripon this afternoon with the remainder coming in Saturday morning. At the end of the event Saturday there is a Code 3 caravan of emergency vehicles threading through the community with red lights and sirens — led by a Ripon patrol car.  And for anyone who wants to go to work for a police agency, there will be several booths handing out applications.
It’s all the hair style
I had fun watching one stewardess taking drink orders on the plane. I have been told before not to comment on women’s hair styles or dress as it could be taken the wrong way.
But this one stewardess, Delynn, at the rear of the plane was doing such a professional job for Southwest that I couldn’t help but admire her efforts. Then I realized her hair was the same as a very good friend of mine who has long shown me her professionalism — must be cousins, I thought. When I told her of the similarity, she responded saying my friend must be impeccable. That she is and I have very good taste, I added. Delynn was clearly doing an “impeccable” job for Southwest.
About 20 minutes left in the flight she took a microphone and asked the passengers to help the crew with the stewardess call buttons. “Push the button over your heads, so they light up in blue lights. Notice they look like birthday candles — whenever your birthday — with Southwest wishing you a happy birthday.” 
Immediately all the lights went on and she asked everyone to blow out their candles in unison — with that all the lights went out in the darkened cabin, followed by applause.