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Manteca sets an example for Californians to go solar
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As a progressive, growing city, Manteca is leading the way in becoming a destination for energy efficient living. Despite the current economic climate and the rise in foreclosures across the region, forward-thinking home builders, businesses and residents are benefiting from the abundance of sunshine in Manteca to make clean renewable energy.

With more than 500 new solar homes in six communities, Manteca has become a flagship in the Greater Sacramento Region for supporting energy efficient living. For example, national home builder Standard Pacific Homes will be opening a new community here on Saturday, July 25. Montage II is Standard Pacific’s second energy efficient solar community in Manteca, and the builder is sponsoring a community event that will help visitors learn more about the benefits of an energy efficient home – everything from buying a new home to small changes we can make every day that can help the environment while saving money.  

Throughout California, there are more than 100 new residential communities that incorporate integrated solar panels and energy efficient appliances.

As part of the California Energy Commission’s New Solar Home Partnership (NSHP), these builders – such as Standard Pacific, Woodside and Atherton, which have invested in Manteca – are laying down the foundation for a more cost and energy efficient future for Californians.  

If one out of every 13 households in California was powered by solar energy, we could provide an additional 3,000 megawatts of renewable clean energy and reduce the output of greenhouse gasses by 3 million tons. That would be like taking one million cars off the road.

Whether you are taking the first steps in becoming more energy efficient or are already well on the way to leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I encourage all residents of Manteca to make a commitment to building a greener City for our community and for generations to come.