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The Grammar Nazi
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If I can be so bold as to speak for the other Grammar Nazis around the world – call us what you will – but I will continue to goose step until you learn the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re.” 

The word Grammar Nazi carries such an ugly connotation. One that has been unfairly placed upon a group of people simply looking to improve other humans. If I saw someone riding a bike around town but using only one foot to pedal, would my intervention of this act make me a Pedal Nazi?!

The ability to read and write is a social skill of paramount importance, along with toothpaste and The Price is Right. It separates us from the animals, but too often people get their feelings hurt. Which leads me to the conclusion there is a certain amount of “grammar shame” they carry – and they should. 

If you use poor grammar in a public, you are in essence bringing down the herd and I’m to the point that culling may be an option. Being corrected shouldn’t be a major issue. I am corrected weekly on my punctuation or a poor turn of phrase in this column. 

It doesn’t bother me. 

(For the record, I am writing a column – not a thesis – and am not bound by the same grammar constrictions. Oh, and also I blame my editors. I’m sure that will be removed.)

Did I mention the “G” doesn’t work on my keyboard, so I’m forced to copy and paste. OK, so it also bothers me when I’m corrected! But I learn to take it with a grain of salt. It seems strange that the common train of thought by most, when being corrected, is “Oh, look at this know-it-all trying to show off.” Why? It isn’t as if the person went to your house, knocked on your door, and informed you that your front lawn needs edging. 

Grammar Nazis doesn’t need to look for action, because it is everywhere. Listen, I understand that the difference between “affect” and “effect” is confusing, but when I hear “I don’t want know...” it is my duty as a Grammar Nazi to intervene. 

I’ve been raised by a family of high-ranking Grammar Nazis. The Gramm-stapo, if you will. Roughly 10 years ago, I made the mistake of calling out one of the Gramm-stapo on his use of the word “distinguishment” during a poker game. I was certain this was not a word. After much deliberation, the core of Gramm-stapo officials decided I was correct. 

My insubordination non-withstanding, I felt pretty good … until two weeks later. That was when Col. R.R. returned to the place of his apparent grammatical infraction with empirical evidence. He had researched and found that the new Oxford Dictionary and a Professor of English had deemed “distinguishment” acceptable. 

I was immediately stripped of rank and forced to write “There is no reason for me to question ‘their’ authority at a poker table, ‘they’re’ always right” a thousand times on a chalkboard. It is a grammatical moment in my family’s history that still resonates today.

At their core, Grammar Nazis are a reactionary lot; most incapable of not correcting bad grammar. It is a character trait that has been instilled and ingrained into them. They cannot help it. They are people just trying to improve the world. 

So my suggestion to you is the next time you are corrected by a Grammar Nazi simply say, “Thanks, I realize you are incapable of shutting your pie hole and I will never make that mistake again. 

After all, a true Grammar Nazi only corrects those he loves.       


Manteca Youth Focus…

This weekend MYF is holding their Scholarship Competitions and will be crowning a new Miss Manteca and Ambassador. 

Spearheaded by Shim Lacy–Watson (Manteca High grad and former Miss Manteca 1991), Manteca Youth Focus encourages the kids of Manteca to become community involved. 

Through setting educational goals and encouraging kids to volunteer time and effort in various community events and programs, MYF hopes to build the future leaders of Manteca. 

This weekend’s competition will take place at Calvary Community Church 815 W. Lathrop Road. Tonight, the 16- to 20-year-old competitions take place at 6, with ages 10-12 and 13-15 kicking off at 11 a.m. on Saturday. 

Only $5 admission, so get out and support the kids that support our town.  


Coming together to help the homeless…

Heart to Heart Ministry and InterCity Action are non-profit organizations and together they are hosting an outreach here in Manteca, feeding the homeless a hot meal once a week at noon every Wednesday. 

They also provide them with blankets, toiletries, socks, clothing, etc. The homeless can also bring their bikes by once a month to be repaired for free. 

The organizations have been doing this for over a month now and they are seeing people who care and are making a difference in their world. They are very appreciative of the owners of Metal Tech (881 Moffat Blvd.) for donating their parking lot to prepare and serve those in need. 

If you would like to help serve or donate money or food, please contact Pastor Kandee Williams at 209.923.3425.

H2H Ministry is in the process of putting together a “We Deliver” bus. Their purpose is to fill the bus with bags of groceries, clothing and prayer to help those in need. Donations for this project are also welcomed and needed.

 “No matter what there will always be homeless and starving people in the world, but I feel if America would do their part and come together using the resources we have, we can help heal and restore those who want the help for rehabilitation. All we need is compassion the will and the way.” — H2H and InterCity Action


A paw in need is

a friend indeed…

A few local citizens have taken it upon themselves to help a young pup. They have set up a “GoFundMe” account, which allows people to donate a few dollars online to help the cause. 

Here is a little encouragement from the Friends of Phoenix, grammar and punctuation notwithstanding: 

“Phoenix the pups young life has gotten off to a real rough start. This rescue baby and her brothers and sisters were orphaned when their mommy was hit by a car. We took this little love bug in and she, being a ‘big dog’ in a little package, was roughed up and landed a concussion 3 weeks ago. But our girl is a fighter and had made a full recovery, until today. Today I came home from work to find that she wasn’t putting any weight on her rear right leg. I rushed her to the vet to find that she somehow has completely broken it above the knee. Phoenix goes into surgery first thing in the morning for the AMAZING Dr. Andy @ Escalon Small Animal Clinic to insert pins to reattach her poor little leg. But she needs your help! This surgery is super expensive and any help you can offer would be extremely appreciated!!! $5 is good! $20 is great! And $35 will get you in like Flynn with this sugar plum and all her fairies! Not to mention I will give you a chakra secession or card reading for donations of $35 and above. If you can’t donate, please share for your family and friends.”

To donate go to

“It’s not Where ya do, It’s What ya do”