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The MOEmorial...
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On Oct. 25, inside the St. Anthony’s gym, a memorial alumni basketball game honoring the memory of Maureen “Moe” Iorio will take place.

Moe passed away unexpectedly earlier this year, but leaves a legacy of love for her family, friends, church – and the game of basketball.

An integral part of CYO Youth Basketball at St. Anthony’s, Moe was a supporter, booster, and coach for many years. She coached up many of the young women that would become legendary hoopsters in this town’s history. Players such as Donna Foster, Melody Root, Lisa Ott, Betsey McCall, Teresa and JoAnn DeGroot, Kelli and Deanna Horton just to name a few.

Her immediate family alone – children Kelly and Chris Iorio, nieces Mary Ann Foehringer and Michelle Gale-Eavenson, and nephews Brooks Gale and Davey Foehringer – would make up a coed team I’d put up against any other.

Moe knew and loved the game like no mother I ever knew. I grew up playing basketball with her son Chris (also known as “CC”) and learned early that Moe wouldn’t pull punches with her opinions of our performances. While most basketball moms would give the obligatory “You guys tried; get ‘em next time” speech after a loss, Moe gave out a much different postgame speech. “You guys don’t block out. You didn’t crash the boards. You played no defense. Maybe next game I should buy you all tickets and send you invitations.”

And we loved it!

She was honest and fair. She was the person yelling out for someone to set a pick for a backdoor cut – and I’m talking about while she watched a group of us 16-year-olds playing in her driveway.

So on Oct. 25 after the St. Anthony’s eighth grade CYO girls’ game, three alumni games are in the works: current high school alumni, women’s alumni and men’s alumni. All ex-players are encouraged to attend. Let your ex-Roadrunner greats know; Gary Kron, Pete Nelson, Andy and Brian Hulsebosch, Jeff Nussbaumer and Armando Avina are few that come to mind.

There will be a small admission with proceeds going to the CYO Booster Program in hopes of creating a future “scholarship” to benefit those unable to afford the cost of a season.

And remember to block out, that’s the way Moe would want it. Those wishing to participate contact Roman Alvarez at, or the St. Anthony’s School CYO Department.

Happy New Year...

Is it too early to call the year? Not for me.

When I see the first giant Styrofoam spider beer display in Rite Aid for Halloween – I kick up my feet – and call it a wrap. Halloween store displays may as well be a giant apple dropping while Dick Clark counts backwards. Happy New Year!

Who are we kidding? The year is 75 percent through and if I haven’t accomplished any of the goals I set for 2014, of which there were only two.

Let’s be honest – they aren’t getting done.

It doesn’t help that I don’t officially start my year until after the Super Bowl is played. Couple that with my “July Zone Out” and I’m down to a seven-month year ... and it is awesome! You should try it.

I read recently that in Belgium they have instituted a National four-day/33-hour work week. Have you ever met an unhappy Belgian? Exactly. My “Seven Month and Done” can change your life. Look at me, a 42-year-old with the energy of a 38-year-old.

I’m not saying you play hooky from work the next three months. No. You still have to show up to work, or to your families’ houses for dinner, or to a lame holiday party that your significant other is dragging you to. But just be there physically.

Check out mentally and take the trip to New Year’s Eve early. Can I really be expected to concentrate on bettering my 2014, when I am just a few weeks away from deciding whether to be “Rowdy” Roddy Piper or Magnum P.I. for Halloween?


Is it realistic to think that next month when farming slows down, that I’ll get my driver’s license situation in order, all while trying to concentrate on my fantasy football league and leftover turkey sandwiches?


And don’t even get me started on December. I’ll be honest. If anybody during December tries having a conversation with me regarding anything more complicated than “Do you like to wear hoodies?” I will be forced to throw my egg nog on your shoes.

Don’t you get it?

I’m on a three-month New Year’s Eve mental vacation — and you’re all invited. So throw on your favorite hoodie and kick up your feet folks, because the fall is here.

Speaking of fall...

Valley Oak League football is in full swing. Sierra gave a wonderful “Welcome back to the VOL” gift to Central Catholic in the form of an impressive 17-14 T’wolves victory.

Across town The Other School (East Union High) watched as QB Jack Weaver had the game of a lifetime. Throwing for three touchdowns and running for one, and being just a sophomore, he has a lot of lifetime left in a red and blue uniform. With 10 sophomores up on the varsity squad, the future is bright over there.

The Buffs managed to do what good teams do – squeak out a win on an off night. Now they head to Levi Stadium to face the hated Oakdale Mustangs. Watching Manteca play Oakdale anywhere is a little slice of VOL heaven, especially when we aren’t forced to listen to their obnoxiously bad PA guy. So get your green and white party bus ready, because we are hitting the road!

“It’s not Where ya do, It’s What ya do”

Columnist Chris Teicheira might be on a three-month mental vacation, but he’s still checking email. Sometimes. Would you rather see him dressed as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper or Magnum P.I. this Halloween? Cast your vote at