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A sign of the future
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Michael Eggman stopped by Manteca on Monday.
Twice his sign “Michael Eggman Congress” was taken down apparently by supporters of Jeff Denham and twice put back up by Team Eggman. For the third time, the sign was put down, so Eggman drove to Manteca himself to lift it up from the ground as drivers drove by waving support. The sign is seen once again on Airport Way at Daniels Street near Costco. And yes, today is Election Day, but for a man who has fought an honest campaign you will expect nothing less than to do the right thing, so when they went low, he went up.
Awful things have been said in this election cycle coming to an end today. We the people will decide who we think is best to lead our country. For the last six months I have been writing about this election, candidates and issues I consider consequential, but with a concentration in the 10th Congressional District, our home within our home.
The two candidates: The incumbent Congressman Denham and Eggman; the farmer and bee keeper. The Republican and the Democrat. It is not the first time they campaigned against each other to represent us in Congress; two years ago Eggman almost won that election.
Denham, a supporter of Donald Trump for President, has been portraying Eggman as an ISIS supporter when Eggman doesn’t even have access to national policy or even legislation. He is a hard-working farmer like hundreds in the Central Valley. The entire Denham for Congress’ campaign has been nothing but negative when it comes to Eggman.
But the truth will prevail, and at the end of this election cycle, the citizens of our district will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. They will see the Eggman that Congressman Denham has been fighting fearfully with unfounded accusations to blind us from the true Eggman, a simple, honest and humble human being as any of us.
We are a people of strength, not weakness. We pray not on the weak, but we stand by them. We protect women, the cornerstone of new generations, not denigrate. We embark in positive and productive future, not a hopeless one. We accept one another not reject or discriminate. We love our fellow men not inflict hate and despair.
This article may not change your mind as you go to cast your vote today, but it exposes facts not unfounded political attacks on a man who deserves and has earned our vote. A simple act of faith desperately needed in our country today. When the final vote is counted, Eggman will take with him to Congress a heavy and realistic responsibility. Not in recent times how we been presented with an opportunity to choose not a man, but a vision. A vision of progress, and acceptance of who we are, a humble and simple society that all it wants is a better world for our children, for our Valley and our beloved Manteca.
As I stood before Eggman when he looked down at his sign laying on the ground, I could not stop to think of that sad day in my past when looking out from that airplane’s window 38 years ago, my parents waving goodbye not knowing if they would ever see me again. I was leaving my country of origin for America. My parents sold everything they had for my siblings and me to come here for liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Standing there, I could not stop thinking how ignorant and abusive it is for someone to restrict our freedom of speech. Eggman has as much right as Denham to have his sign up not down. Unlike Denham, in Eggman, I find hope and optimism.
Today is Election Day in America and a sign of a much better future for Manteca is up again. The choice is ours; the moment in history has been written, and how we want to be remembered years to come is ours to own.