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About Gov. Jerry Moonbeams legacy
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After President Trump criticized Governor Brown for not doing a good job taking care of California and having the highest taxes in the country, Brown AKA Moonbeam, came back and said that California is the No. 6 economy in the world.
I think Jerry missed the survey done last week on the best states to live in and the worst. Iowa rated No. 1, California rated 50th.
Can’t get much lower Jerry! And trying to have a legacy before you leave office is not necessary. You have destroyed most of what your father did with the highways by not taking care of them and didn’t take care of the dams, Orville being one of them. And your bullet train to nowhere needs to be abandoned. Extend BART down to the valley and call it good. Your legacy Jerry can be that you had fun with Linda and still have Moonbeam as your nickname.

Dean Meeuwse