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Aquila blames Dems for eliminating Jesus from Christmas
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After the clean sweep by Democrats in the state of California, I thought Manteca’s most staunchest Trump supporter would  either hide out in his Fortress of Solitude or follow Trump’s lead and claim something outrageous like rampant Democratic voter fraud and just ramble on and on about whatever he could scrape off the wall of shame and that was exactly what he decided to do. (Letter: “Speaking of border assault, voter fraud & global warming” on Dec 4 by Frank Aquila.)

After soothing his self-esteem by claiming voter fraud as the reason California turned a much darker shade of blue, Aquila bounced from the “Caravan” and it’s 500 MS-13 and wanted murderers (Without a shred of evidence of course), and the use of “pepper spray” to control border violence. Note: It wasn’t “pepper spray”, it was tear gas. Trump, of course claimed it was a mild, “Safe” version of Tear Gas, even though, there is no such thing. Tear gas is tear gas and tear gas is not pepper spray. Aquila, like Trump, still thinks he can just make stuff up and not expect sane people to fact check them.

Aquila goes on to warn of the Dems “Socialist agenda” which will, of course, raise you taxes. That has been a staple of the Aquila campaign against Democrats for years which, based on the Democrat midterm sweep, didn’t work then so I don’t know why Aquila thinks it will have any effect now. I guess when you are scraping the Wall of Shame for some fresh B.S., one will occasionally scrape off old dried up B.S...

Aquila quickly and clumsily pivots to “Fake global warming”, blaming the Dems for our devastating fires because they didn’t build enough dams, (At least he didn’t follow Trump’s lead and blame the State for not properly raking the forest floors of dry leaves) to biased sexual orientation education, to, get this, the problems with Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He tops it all off by blaming Dems for eliminating Jesus from Christmas as if only Republicans can be Christians.

I would suggest to Aquila, go back to the Fortress of Solitude and take a long nap, come back around 2020 with some fresh new ideas, your old ones did not work before the midterms and they will surely not work now.

Larry Baca