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Down jacket size in 8 days
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 246

After a long weekend with some not so smart dieting choices it was tough to get up this morning, so what is one more decision to just sleep in. Once I woke up I then felt as if I wasted my day and I had thrown off my whole day as far as my diet went. I did my best to catch up and felt like I did a fairly good job at it. After moseying around all day it was time for the gym. I was feeling good going into the workout but once bootcamp started my energy level plummeted real quick. I still gave it my all and pushed through for a successful workout to end my day.

Day 247

Today I was determined. Up at 7 a.m. to get my first meal in for the day then do a few things around the house before starting my day off at CORE. A good chest and tri day to get my day going then back home for my second meal of the day. It was another regular day doing some catching up on cleaning and some TV. Then back to the gym for some cardio. I cannot say how much I dread the treadmill and today was no joke on that thing. 45 minutes at 15 incline had my legs and lungs burning. But I felt good once it was done and over with.

Day 248

Another day of determination. Up early to get my meals eaten on time. Then off to CORE for some core work. My abs were tight by the end of that workout but felt good none the less. It was then home to catch up on yard work and then do some meal prep for the rest of the week ahead. After getting all that done it was back to the gym for some HIIT cardio. I put in 8 rounds of that and was ready to fall knock out after that — which I ended up doing to end the day.

Day 249

Up early again but this time for work instead of the gym. Had to take a trip to Half Moon Bay with some kids to compete in cross country. Before the race started we took a quick walk of the course and I can say it was not an easy run with the steep hill that we walked on. I even broke a sweat walking up. After that it was back to Stockton then back home to get to the gym. Leg day and one that isn’t full of reps of 60! I still had a difficult time when attempting to do the donkey kicks but still had a great workout to end my day.

Day 250

Ahhhhhh back to regular work, luckily just one week of this, then it is vacation time. After work it was home to relax for a little while then off to the gym to get a good shoulder workout in followed by a great game of Frisbee. Then back home for a few hours of sleep before going back to work at 10. Somehow I slept through my alarm and was woken up by the call of the supervisor asking where I was. I did the Superman change and was able to make it from my bed to clocking in at work in about 17 minutes. Quicker then I imagined I could do so.

Day 251

My night was full of walking stairs which leads to me being exhausted to start this morning out. But regardless of time spent at work I stuck to my meal schedule and fought to stay awake all day. After work it would be smart to sleep but nope, it was time to go do my final tuxedo fitting. Best news I have heard in a while, I had gone down a jacket size in 8 days! I was very happy with this news. After that it was off to the mall to run a few errands there then back home to get some rest before going back to work at 10 once again.

Day 252 

This mooring I was at work where I struggled to stay awake all night. But once 6 a.m. hit I was off and straight home to bed I went. That means my meal plan for the day was a little thrown off but after a few hours of sleep I got back to it then watched the remainder of the Raider game before going back to work. An eventful day to say the least that ended with me taking a youth to the hospital for a few hours to end my night. Another week down and a week of improvement and recuperation. On to the next!