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Look at Trump & Aquila can you say hypocrisy?
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I almost always find letters from Frank Aquila humorous but this time I almost fell out of my recliner when he actually claimed it was the Democrats who were hypocritical (“The hypocrisy of those ganging up on Kavanaugh”) in his letter of  Oct 3. When I finally composed myself, my wife asked what was so funny and I showed her the letter. “OMG” she said, “That guy is Trump’s mini-me”. All evening while watching TV, we would look at each other and literally crack up as if we had just shared some Medical Marijuana or watched another SNL skit about Trump or Jimmy Kimmel’s “Drunk Trump”.

Before I could even reply to that silliness and just 7 days later, yet another Aquila Right Wing Conspiracy rant landed on my driveway. (“FBI, Justice Department misusing intelligence while abusing power”) Oct 10. Accomplishing nothing but to add to Aquila’s lack of credibility, Aquila covers every conspiracy theory he could copy and paste out of the outlandish postings from Breitbart and  Alex Jones. He did miss the one about how the Obama’s conspired to hide the birthplace of President Obama so he could become President someday. Yes, that’s how silly it all sounded, right?

I had to read that while watching the onslaught of Hurricane Michael. Meanwhile Trump was holding a campaign rally because he said, his supporters had been waiting in line all night and he couldn’t let them down, even posting a picture of his supporters standing in line. The only problem, the picture was actually one taken by Jim Acosta of NBC on another day in the afternoon. But hey, what’s another blatant lie to someone who has over 5k recorded lies since taking office, right? Then Trump was laughing it up in that circus show with Kaye West in the Oval Office, once again putting his extreme lack of empathy on full display just as he has done multiple times, as he did with Puerto Rico and recently by mocking Dr. Ford, a sexual abuse victim. Is it any wonder, the world laughs in his face?

Remember the other day when Trump made that ridiculous, embarrassing speech at the UN and literally, the whole world laughed out loud at him and the German delegation almost fell out of their booth with laughter? That was what it was like reading Aquila’s letter, hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. Like the Trump debacle, the Aquila letter or Trump’s embarrassing speech were not shocking, it’s who they are, sad laughable clowns. . .

As for the hypocrisy, I could easily fill an entire newspaper page with GOP hypocrisy with no problem, that is not to say the Democrats are without some hypocrisy of their own. That is something you would never hear Aquila freely admit and that is the difference between Aquila, Trump and most genuinely self-reflective people who try to seek the truth. That is not a trait of someone who lies, cheats, denigrates and mocking the Me2 movement, vulnerable women or physically disabled   — reporters in public and those that support them. How do we know Trump has done all these things? Because we have all seen him do it. How do we know Trump has Aquila’s full support? Because he has said so, many times.

Larry Baca