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The new recycling rules: Bad vs good cardboard
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin, 

Late last week we received the mailer about the new rules for curbside recycling. So starting Dec. 1, our blue recycle bins will be tagged and considered contaminated if anything “bad” is in the bin—and they will not be dumped. 

What the city’s Solid Waste Division has not told us is what we are supposed to do when we already have a week’s worth of mixed waste in our bins before receiving the specifics on what is good and what is bad?  Are they expecting residents and businesses to go through their bins and remove anything that is now longer allowed? I doubt people will do that. The city needs to give a grace period for next week’s blue bin pickup under the new rules. If they tag and do not dump everyone’s bin that has not separated their recycle waste in this first pickup week, there will be a lot of angry residents. I also wonder how many people have a clear understanding of the difference between ordinary cardboard (bad) and corrugated cardboard (good)?

John Vonhof