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Outraged by portrayal of First Lady Melania Trump
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I just cannot not write about this — I always thought families were to be respected and not mistreated?  All families but especially the president’s no matter who he or she is?

 What has happened to this respect for our families?  I just saw the outrageous ad for something I don’t know but against our president.  It showed a Melania Trump look alike with the jacket on (in case the viewers don’t know who she is supposed to be) that says “I really don’t care, do you?” spray painted on the back and supposedly nothing else.  She began to disrobe as the man seated at what looked like the president’s desk, sat down, lit a cigar and proceeded to watch the woman.  I realize the man who I think was supposed to be our president is a black man that has no particular meaning to me so what was that about?  Anyway, a man was watching the woman who resembles Melania Trump from the back, who was beginning to disrobe, at this point I changed stations.  I also thought that the president’s (no matter who that is) family is supposed to be off limits?   

This attack is on a woman whose only problem seems to be she married our president. Why do this to her?  Why shame her?  Why do you not respect her just because she married a man who became our president?  I really, really do not understand this and of course we all realize she and our president, her husband, have a young son just approaching puberty.  I am ashamed of all of you who were involved.  I know you don’t care and neither do I about you as individuals but as Americans?  If you want to shame the president, go right ahead we have freedom of speech but I thought we also had plain down to earth manners and you have totally forgotten yours.  Melania —  this is not about you nor is it shaming to you but things like this only shame the ones who do them. It is about trying to get our president so angry he does something that might hopefully shame him — which then automatically shames us because no matter what you do or say he is our president and some of us want him to be.  

He was legally voted into office. I say shame on you the ones who did this to a woman and possibly to a young boy.  You really know how to be awful don’t you, and for what?  To make an innocent woman and an innocent boy feel badly?  How sad for our country.

To all of us women I hope we all show outrage for the First Lady of our country despite what you feel or don’t feel about her husband.  We all have families, ask yourself would you like to see your mother, friend, or child treated in this way for no other reason than who she married?

Marie Evans