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The 10 worst jobs in the United States
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I’ve concluded that there are two kinds of people in our world: Those willing to believe there are only two kinds of people, and those who think it’s a bit more complex than that.

Speaking of questionable enumerations, the list of “The 10 Worst Jobs of 2012” is out – and I seem to have two of them! Both newspaper reporter and broadcaster made the list (okay, I’m not technically a reporter, I’m a columnist, but let’s not be picky). These used to be considered quasi-glamorous gigs, but CareerCast – the online compiler of the list – says that the decline in job opportunities and pay in the media world, plus the rise in on-the-job stress, have pushed these down to the fifth and tenth worst career choices out there, It’s true that the pay is lower-middle class – but there’s no heavy-lifting and, hey, us commentator types essentially get paid just for running our mouths. Pretty good work, if you can get it.

Top of the worst list is lumberjack. I can see that. Yes, being outdoors is a plus (if the weather’s good), but screaming chain saws and huge trees crashing down would put you on edge every day – and maybe in your grave.

Dairy farmers ranked number two. It’s a noble profession in my view, but most people don’t realize that these hard-working and skilled yeomen literally are married to their cows. The lady bovines have to be milked twice a day, including weekends and holidays, no matter the weather, or whether you’re sick or tired.

Other bottom tenners are: oil rig workers (can you say, BP?); dishwashers (they get no respect and sorry pay); butchers (missing fingers are a routine job hazard here); and waiting tables (lousy pay and constant abuse from managers and customers alike).

However, millions of Americans today can tell you that by far the worst job these days – is looking for one.