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Two wonderful encounters with people willing to help in Manteca
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After having two wonderful interactions with separate Hispanic folks in less than a month I had to send a letter to the editor.

Approximately two weeks ago as I was leaving Walmart to go to my car in a motorized cart. I dropped a container of 40 cans of cat food. Needless to say they scattered everywhere. Two young white males in the late teens or early 20s came walking by. One of them kicked a can on the ground under a parked car. They both thought it was hilarious. I failed to mention one was wearing a red MAGA hat. 

A lady and her son  he was approximately or 12 or 13 years old) stopped their car and got out to help me. The two less than nice young men, pulled up behind their parked car and shouted very derogatory comments to the Hispanic two who were helping me. They just ignored them and continued helping me. It was more than I could stomach, so I drove over to their car in my cart and asked politely for them to be quite. One called me a nasty name that involved my mother. Needless to say I was upset. 

I gave their fancy red car a good whack with my cane. If they had not burned out in reverse would have given them my insurance info. But these brave two morons, are evidently afraid of a grizzled old senior.

Monday at the postal annex, I was attempting to get two heavy boxes into be mailed.  A lady and her companion (both Hispanic), pulled up and carried both heavy boxes inside for me.

Am truly grateful we have such kind folks in Manteca.

 P.S. I am not saying all Republican’ are racist morons. But the nasty side of humanity seems to think it’s fine to crawl out of the wood work. I was a Republican myself up to Bush Sr. I, thought he was a great man.

Bill Cox