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Worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles
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WORRYING does not take away tomorrow’s TROUBLES, it takes away today’s PEACE.


 I discovered that I had lost my hope, when a beautiful human being gave it back to me. I had been struggling to get my worries under control. I read a post on Facebook that really slapped in my face. Made me realize that worrying was doing me no good, and only making things worse. It was posted by a very wise man, Phil Waterford. He often says things that just speak to my soul. He is a wonderful man, and the community I live in, is blessed to have him. He utilizes his success to give back to our community. (Side note... If you live in or around Manteca, CA, and you need a car... Seriously, go to Phil Waterford’s Manteca Ford. No, this is not a paid ad. I just can tell you from experience, it will be the best car buying experience you will ever have, and if that isn’t reason enough, they give back to the community so much! Something is to be said about supporting businesses that support the communities around them!)

   What ended up happening, was that Mr. Waterford gave me back my hope. He found out I was in the hospital, and he just showed up. Who does that? He is a busy man, and doesn’t really know me, beyond the fact that I have bought two cars through his dealership. Yet, he took time out of his day to visit a stranger in the hospital. I sat and I talked to him and his wonderful friend Johnny Umipeg. They shared laughs and wisdom with me. At one point, I just felt this energy burst into my soul. In the moment I knew, I had lost my hope, and Mr. Waterford had given it back to me.

   I could never repay him enough, or thank God enough for putting him on my path that day. It helped me to step back, and see my problems in a clear light. It gave me back my hope, and renewed my desire to tackle all my problems. It also took away the fear that my health problems were giving me. It was one of those moments, that really reminded me our simplest of actions, can have the most major impacts on those around us. We really need to remember this power we have, and use it in a positive way. We need to spread smiles and good cheer. We could be the force that renews another person’s hope. That is major.