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Feeling good & bad about working out
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Susan McCreath has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin and CORE Athletic Performance. McCreath is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 305

It is Monday and I am back in the gym. Wow, there was a ton of new people at bootcamp tonight as well as some of the long timers! It is always great to see the progress that people are making. Some serious pounds have been lost within the walls of CORE. I must admit I was a bit nervous heading back into the gym after missing quite a few workouts, but the anxiety subsided the minute we started working out. There was over 30 people working out tonight and it was chilly and dim in there – just the way I like it. I feel like when it is dark with that many people that nobody pays attention to what I’m doing (or not doing). Everybody is truly focused on themselves. I am heading into the homestretch and I want to finish strong!


Day 306

There was an article in the newspaper today written by Robert the trainer at CORE. It was called “Insight of a Personal Trainer.” Wow, I feel a good and bad all at once. Let’s go through his insights. 1. Check your attitude: I feel as if I have always been positive inside the gym. 2. Quit Comparing: I compare myself all the time to others inside my own head, but I never express those comparisons out loud! 3. The ABC’s: I listen to his ABCs, I understand his ABCs, I don’t complain about his ABCs, it’s just that I don’t always do ABC for lack of discipline or drive. 4. Where did the time go: GUILTY! I need to make time for the gym. Paperwork can wait, but it sure makes your next day at work go a whole lot smoother. 5. Bueller? Bueller?: GUILTY. I have a full membership that I am not taking advantage of. However, I am not complaining about my results. I have received what I have put in. 6. Homework: GUILTY. I am not always doing what I should be every day. Why can’t I be one of those people that are addicted to exercise? 7. Trust the Plan: I’ve never told a trainer that I did not like an exercise. A particular exercise might cause me knee pain, but other options are always provided. 8. The Skinny on Heavy Lifting: I’m not afraid of lifting heavy, I’m always just more cautious or unsure of how much I can lift. 9. Be Patient: This journey has taught me all I need to know about patience. 10: Time is Money: I am so appreciative of all the time Robert and his staff have spent with me. 11. Zip It: I so agree with this. I dislike talking when I am working out and it is actually distracting to me when others around me are just chatting wildly while doing their workouts. 12. Trust the Plan, Part II: GUILTY, sigh! 


Day 307

The squats didn’t feel too bad during the workout tonight, but I know I’m not going to be saying that tomorrow. Did something tonight that I have never done before. We ran through speed ladders. I’m thinking those weren’t around back when I played volleyball because the first time I remember seeing them was just a few years ago. It was actually fun doing the different steps through them as it kind of distracted you from the fact that you were running which helps me out tremendously. I also pretended that I was my son Jake running through them. When he was working out at CORE he used to run/sprint through them. In my mind, tonight I was just as fast and quick as him! In reality though I’m sure I looked like a 45-plus- year-old woman playing a slow motion game of hopscotch.


Day 308

Turkey and gravy was on the school lunch menu today and it was raining. A perfect combination! Boy, it sure sounded good. But, in reality, I took two bites and that was it. It tasted fine, but I knew it was wrong to eat it and it would just sit in my stomach all day so I threw it away and went and ate the lunch I had packed – chicken and yogurt.


Day 309

Heading up to Oregon after work tonight. I haven’t been up there in a couple weeks, so looking forward to seeing my son and going to the football game. Not looking forward to eating my meals out.


Day 310

It is pouring for the first part of the game and is quite cold. Cold means that I am wearing a jacket that I first purchased about 6-7 years ago … a jacket from the skinny days. Thankfully, the jacket fits and I am able to stay warm and dry. After the game we decide to catch a movie. No snacks, no drinks, just a movie. Save money and calories all the way around.


Day 311

Before heading home we watched the Oregon vs. USC volleyball game; two very good volleyball teams with some amazing players. However, it was quite interesting to see the different body shapes and sizes that were on the court. They were not all skinny, or particularly looked in shape. They all looked healthy though even if some were carrying some extra pounds. This helped to reinforce that even top notch athletes are not fat free.


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