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Getting healthier & getting married
FITNESS Messersmith 1
Josh and Shelby Messersmith

EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 253

Since I did not get to bed until about 2 a.m. this morning, my scheduled time to eat was a little thrown off but I managed to catch up with my meals after the gym. It was a great bootcamp but I was not feeling any type of workout today. It was a struggle but I pushed myself to get in a great workout. It was then back home to eat away my two meals I was late on, then off to work to finish out my day.

Day 254

It’s time to get these last minute wedding plans done but first it is time to start my day off at Core for a great upper body workout that had my biceps ready to burst by the end of the day. Then it was back home for wedding errands and last to dos around the house. I managed to get some cardio in later on in the day but then went back home to get some rest to end my day.

Day 255

Another bland day with what I do most days. Hitting the gym twice and doing some errands. I did not do any major meal prep today because I knew I only had one more day of work before my wedding vacation was about to start.

Day 256

I decided to sleep in a little today. Knowing I had plenty of time after work to go to the gym. It was leg day and it was torture. The workout was good but the superset with frog squats had my legs burning and my walk looking a little funny. Still a great way to end my day.

Day 257

Three days left until the wedding and it still has not struck me. Seems like a normal day except we did not get to play Frisbee at the gym today but instead a pretty intense game of kick ball. Robert joined in on the fun and his fast pitching helped me retwist my ankle once again but not too bad. It was still a fun workout and then it was off to get my tuxedo. After that I went back home to do a little house cleaning before heading off to Ripon for the rehearsal dinner. My diet had been good all week up until the rehearsal dinner where I showed no remorse in what I ate that night.

Day 258

It was a day filled with deep cleaning of the house inside and out so we did not come home to a dirty house. We then packed up the wedding decorations for tomorrow then I was sent off to my grandparents to stay the night.

Day 259

Today is the day. I got more nervous as the day went on. To relax I went to my dad’s house with my groomsmen to watch some football and enjoy a little breakfast before going back to my grandparents to get ready for the wedding. Then it was time. Off to the wedding I went where I enjoyed a great time and could not be happier with my now wife, Shelby. We then were off to San Francisco to stay the night before flying off to Maui tomorrow morning!