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Holiday food struggle is here
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey.

Day 330 
We are beginning a week of struggle and fear.  Struggle for the holiday parties, the treats, the gifts, the lunches etc. — and the fear of gaining even a pound.  I work so damn hard to get ONE pound off and I just don’t want to have to be having to get off even more come the end of next week.  I am just going to do my best and go day to day.
Monday morning, it’s the start of week 48.  Five full weeks left.  Let me rephrase that….left in the competition.  I will be on this journey for the rest of my life. 
I arrive at the gym not feeling real great.  I’m ok but not 100%.  Javi starts me on a circuit and pushes me harder than usual.  He says it’s not the time to slack in any way.   I am on my third round and getting through every obstacle he gives me and I am doing my pull-ups and Javi says to me “this isn’t like you, you never take it easy”.  That of course lit the fire in me and I was able to finish my last 15 pull ups with NO HELP! Take that Javi!
I finished the circuit and jumped on the treadmill, cranked it up to a full incline and busted out a mile and a half. 
Raced home and out the door to grocery shopping.  While I was shopping for the week Mike was making grilled chicken breasts, green beans and a salad.  For a rare treat I had a 100 calorie yogurt with the chocolate top…..yep, amazing!

Day 331
Since I had to go to the post office I decided it would be a run on the road kind of day.  My goal is five miles.  I head out and start my run —and just keep on going.  Nice even pace and didn’t stop one time.  I do suggest that if you are going out for an evening jog, DO NOT run past….Pizza Guys, KFC, Domino’s, or any other place that the smell of food permeates the air. It made me so hungry and want to race home for dinner.
I get home and whip together a big batch of chili (black beans, corn, peppers, and lean ground beef).  I could have eaten it all but opted to be good and have a small bowl.

Day 332
Training day….ready for a good one!  Before I go my guess is that it will be a LEG day.  OH MAN those are the worst!  Actually makes me kind of dread it.  Yep, I was right.  Leg day — the hardest day of the week.  Javi sets me up on deep squats with weight bar on my back and I get to work.  I move on to lunges with high knees and then two more different drills.  ALL OF THEM HURT! 
I finished on the elliptical and called it a night.  I will be cussing Javi out tomorrow (or Friday) because I know this is going to hurt in the next day or two.

Day 333 
I get to the gym early because I have so much to do. I pick a movie on my phone and plug in and start my cardio.  I finished at four miles and moved over to sit ups, leg lifts and crunches.  Good night!
I get home and know that I have to cook for Mitch’s party tomorrow at school…I have to make something for dinner, I have wrapping and presents to still “make”….all of it is just crazy busy.  I do something I have yet to do since this started — I FORGET TO EAT!   By the time I realize it, its bed time and there is no way I am going to eat at 9 p.m. 
Day 334
Today is BOXING day!  It’s been awhile so hopefully I still remember my “moves”…I cannot tell you how fun this is.  I have said it before, but seriously…it’s a riot.  It’s definitely a work out and exhausting but in a great way!  I sweat buckets but know that I only did this for 30 minutes so that means I have to continue something for another 30.  I decide to hit the floor and do all core.  I leave and call it a night!
I am alone tonight so I fend for myself for dinner.  I grill up a chicken breast and toss a salad. 
I am nervous about my second to last weigh-ins in the morning!
Day 335
Good morning, up early and first thing I do is WEIGH IN and TAKE ALL MY MEASUREMENTS.  I’m sad to think I will only be doing this ONE more time….for you all.  I will HAVE to do this the rest of my life.  I know before I go that I have lost, all my clothes are getting bigger and I am now in a size 12 (down from size 22).  I even bought a size medium in yoga pants, WHAT?  Absolutely blows me away.  I only drop a couple pounds this month but I end up dropping two full inches.  I lose a half an inch in all areas accept my core.  I stayed the same.  I am good with that.  Only four pounds to be in the 180s.  I CAN, I CAN! 
I have so much to do today and I am not feeling well at all.  I have a fever and cough and just feeling crummy….I work all day (wrapping, cleaning, laundry, you all know what it’s like to prepare for the holidays).  I crash early and I DON’T WORK OUT.  UGH, the guilt consumes me. 

Day 336
I am up early, and so excited.  Today is the day my girls come home from college. I am beyond excited to have them home.  I work all morning to get everything perfect for their arrival.  They walk through the door, we hug, catch up for a second and then I HAVE TO GET TO THE GYM. I don’t want to, I want to stay and visit and lay around and hang out but I missed yesterday so I have to go.  No exceptions. 
I get to the gym and fire up the treadmill and get to work.  I do a full hour and call it a night.
Mike grills a pork loin, I make sweet potatoes and tossed salad and we all plop on the couch to watch the infamous MISS UNIVERSE.  The perfect night…..except for the mess up by Mr. Harvey.
My goal this coming week is to get my workouts in no matter what.  It will be very hard with company, trips to the city, Christmas Eve dinner, big breakfasts on Christmas morning and of course Christmas dinner.  I will work hard on portion control and ONLY splurging PER MEAL not the entire day! 
Wish me luck!