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I CAN attitude instead of I CANT
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey.


Day 246

Here we go, start of week 36. It’s training day and I have missed Javi. I am prepared for a hard, hard work out. I listen to his advice and I arrive for the work out with an “I CAN” attitude instead of “I CAN’T.” I tell Javi that from now on it’s an “I can” attitude every day. He said to me “that’s good because a little piece of a trainer’s heart dies each time they hear their client say I can’t.” UGH, that killed me. I will not use that word! We get started. It’s a shoulders and core day. We get right into it and my heart rate is immediately up. We do a total of 5 different exercise and then move to core. I hit the mat and do leg lifts and then risers and then finish off with - are you ready for this - PLANKS, not just any planks, but planks with weights on my back. Oh LORD, CAN YOU SAY HARD….it was hard! Mike fixed a great dinner and ended the day perfectly.

Day 247

Today is cardio. I get going from the minute I get to the gym. It’s a 7-mile day and I leave feeling awesome. I even got to talk to my daughter for almost an hour while hitting the Stairmaster and elliptical. Half way through she’s like “mom, your breathing so hard.” I tell her “I’m on the elliptical.” She couldn’t believe it; she seemed impressed that I was able to keep talking while working so hard! We had an easy and quick dinner. We both fend for ourselves and made our own salads with chicken and grilled veggies.

Day 248

Yep, weight training day. I get so excited about what he is going to make me do. Today it’s circuit day. Lunges, deadlifts, barbells and finish with burpees. Over and over again. Dripping with sweat and my heart was pounding out of my chest. Yep, it works! I finish with two miles and call it a night! We eat a quick salad and head out the door to Manteca High School Homecoming Rally. What a fun night.

Day 249

I have a late appointment today so I don’t get to the gym till late. It’s such a different vibe this late at night. I just get going on my cardio and try to get in as much as I can before bedtime. I am so sore from the lunges I did yesterday; you know things are working when you are this sore! I ate before my appointment so I am actually hungry when I get home but it’s so late that I just get a big glass of water and call it a night.

 Day 250

Up at 5 a.m. to prepare for a yard sale. We are going to clean out this garage and shed once and for all! I head to work late and bring a salad and fruit for lunch. I return early and put all away to start again for tomorrow. I head to the gym to meet with Javi for my Friday afternoon workout. Today is back and biceps. He gives me plenty to work on and I leave dripping sweat by the time it’s over. I do all that Javi throws at me and I do it with an “I CAN” attitude. He likes this side of me so much more! I finish the day with 2.5 miles. I race home, eat a salad for dinner and head out the door for homecoming at MHS. Fun night!

Day 251

Up early and at this garage sale one more day. I make a good breakfast to tide me over for the morning. We are out there till noon and then it’s time to hit the gym before I go to a party for the night. I decide before getting there I am going to work extra hard and put in a full two hours and hopefully get seven miles in. I do!

Day 252

Sunday morning means meal prep for the week. I make a batch of my pumpkin fit bits (a one hundred calorie steel oats, pumpkin, energy muffin) and then I make whole grain, pumpkin pancakes. I wrap them up for the week. I go grocery shopping and get all the good stuff…veggies, fruits and salads for the week. While pushing my cart I get approached by a woman following my journey. She told me she was a dietician and that I was doing all of this the right way and that she was impressed. It made me feel so good. I explained that I was most afraid of ONE YEAR from now since that will be the real test. I can lose now and I can be motivated and determined with all of my supporters behind me…but one year from now it’ll just be me. I’ll be on my own and I will have to keep this self-motivation going. She assured me that since I was doing it right and I was training my mind and body to stay fit that I would be able to keep off the weight. I will sure be doing everything I can, that is for sure! Thank you for your support!!!!