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Officially in the 100s again
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Day 239

First let me start by saying happy 25th anniversary to my amazing husband Mike.  I was beyond blessed to have found you and so thankful for the life we have.  I love you and thank God for you.

Originally I started this journey for several reasons.  One, the wedding.  I wanted to look “better” and actually be able to be in a family photo without hiding in the back and squatting down behind someone.  Mission accomplished!  Second, I wanted to look “good” for my 25th anniversary.  I wanted my husband to be proud of me and not ashamed of me.  Mission accomplished.  Next, I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without breathing heavily, accomplished!  Finally, ets be real, I WANTED TO BE HOT!  I still have a long way to go to complete that mission but at least I am on the right path and I am determined to get there. 

Today I arrive at the gym for training.   I am on my own today; Javi is in Hawaii on a much deserved vacation.  I know from our schedule that its leg day.  I start with lunges with weights in each hand.  I do a total of 80.  I move on to another leg/squat/backward lunge drill and then move on to the machines.  Thank God for Ruben, he is right there willing to assist and reinforce that I know what I am doing and I can do it!  I finish and hit the treadmill for a 2.5 mile walk/jog. Mike barbeques chicken and broccoli and salad.  We watch the game and that my friend is how you celebrate 25 years!!! 

Day 240

It’s cardio day.  I do a little of everything.  Stairmaster, elliptical, and treadmill.  I bust out five miles with ease.  I’m actually getting good at this! We have another good dinner.  I stay on track and I am determined to get past this plateau I am on.  It’s about time for the damn scale to start moving again. 

Day 241

I hit the gym early and get right to work.  I do it a little different today because I have a meeting tonight and I still want to get in all that I have to do.  I start on the treadmill and do a mile.  Then I move over to the treadmill and do three miles and then I move on to my arm work out.  I do hand weights and dumbbells and rubber bands.  I finish with 100 sit ups.  Full ones! I race off to my meeting and my stomach is gurgling the entire time.  I couldn’t wait to get home for dinner.  Thankfully Mike had it ready and waiting.  Hamburger patty with grilled peppers and onions with sliced avocado.  The perfect amount!

Day 242

I did it, I did it, I did it! I am officially in the ONE HUNDREDS AGAIN.  My weight does not start with the number two.  OH MAN, DID THAT TAKE FOREVER.  The last time I was in the one hundreds was before Mitch (he is now 17).  It’s the best feeling.  I hit that wall and have been hovering around the 200 mark but I have yet to step on the scale and see the numbers flash with a ONE in the front.  Yes, I took a picture!  What really floors me is - I look in the mirror and honestly, things are looking pretty good.  Not like model good, but smaller, everywhere.  Then I look back to when I was carrying a HUGE nine pound baby (my first— Myklyn) and I was still 20 pounds less than I am now.  How is that even possible?  Oh well, it just makes me want to keep going and keep working hard and reaching toward that ultimate goal.  It’s cardio day and I have no problem jumping in and getting to work.  I do five miles and finish with 200 abs.

Day 243

I have an extra pep in my step today so I gear up for a long one.  Before I begin I decide to do seven miles.  One on Stairmaster, 3.5 on elliptical and final 2.5 running on the treadmill.  I finish feeling great! Again, I finish with 200 crunches and sit-ups.

Day 244

I wake up early, take my car in for service and walk to the gym from the dealer.  I get right to work.  I love Saturday mornings.  No one is there, it’s quiet, cool, and easy to zone out.  I visit with a few friends while I just keep on running.  I ran for 40 minutes straight with no stopping.  I actually feel kind of smug about that.  I am so dang proud of myself!  Again, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! Today is weigh in and measuring day.  I used to fear this day.  Now, I am actually anxious.  I know it won’t be drastic like it was in the beginning, but I only hope it will continue to drop in every category.

WOOHOOO, I am 198.8 pounds.  AND THAT’S ON MY SCALE TOO! (My scale is always heavier than the gym scale.) Can you believe that?  I have officially lost 63.2 pounds.  I have 42.8 pounds to go to hit my overall goal. 

We do all my measurements.   I have dropped 35.5 inches overall.  (8.75 from my chest, 2.5 from arms, 10.75 from my core, 10.5 from my hips, and 3 inches from my thighs).  I have completed thirty five weeks and seven full months).  I have five months left of this journey and a lifetime to keep it up! 

 Day 245

Yesterday we spent all day doing FALL CLEANING.  Today, I did it again. I never even got out of my jammies.  It felt good until I started to feel guilty about missing a day at the gym.  I guess they were right when they say your body needs a rest once in a while.  Back to the grind tomorrow!