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People on diets can be a little grumpy
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 155

Just like the last few Mondays I went to work then went to get my sister once I got off and went to CORE. My new macros finally hit me through the day and now I see why people on diets can be a little grumpy. Well for my workout Robert changed it up a little and decided I would do my sisters athlete workout. It was all lifting today which is always nice. Once I was finished I went straight home to get some rest before going back to work at 10.

Day 156

Again my day starts at work. Once I was off I went to get my sister once again to go to CORE to get in a speed workout, which was all cardio and something I was not use to. My sister was able to beat me at every single drill we did today. I dropped my sister off then returned home to get some much needed rest.

Day 157

Slept in and felt great. I started my day off at CORE with my fiancé and my sister. My sister and I both had weight work while my fiancé did the bootcamp. It was a tough workout for me because of the fact I was not use to doing so many different body parts in one day. After that was all said and done I returned home to rest for a little while prior to going to register for gifts for my wedding. I cannot say that was the highlight of my day, but am happy it is done with. Or at least hope it’s done with.

Day 158

Another morning spent at work and then off to the gym with my sister was the plan. Instead I took my little brother swimming once again, which was great because he always has a fun time when he gets to go in the pool. Once I was done with that I went to Modesto with my sister to get her  own training mask. We then went to CORE to get in polymeric work in. I hate jumping on stuff but at the same time it was a great workout when I wasn't scraping my shin on the step up boxes we were jumping on. After the workout I dropped my sister off once again and went home to get as much rest as I could.

Day 159-161

Well I started Friday off a little early by hitting the gym with my sister once again at 10 to get a little ball toss workout out of the way. We then played Frisbee  to finish the workout. I went straight home to begin to meal prep and then took my sister home before heading off to work where my whole weekend was spent unless I was sleeping at home. Another week in, another week healthier.