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New mounting kit unveiled at gun show
Butch Kallem from Wild Woods in Ilm, Mont. with two of his mounts. The one on the right is unfinished with just the plaster cast, and the one on the left is finished with a leather cover. - photo by Photo by WAYNE DANIELS
For you front-loading black power guys who shop at Bass Pro in Manteca and have not seen Bob Barker’s smiling face behind the counter, don’t worry, he did not go to the big smoke pot in the sky, he is here in Great Falls, Mont. with me.

Last week, Bob and I did manage to get in some fishing between snow storms but did not hook anything. We were going to try some fly fishing, but the water was too high.

Bob was telling me that he has taken up fly tying and attended a few classes with Cliff Sullivan while working at Bass Pro and even got some pointers from the instructor. Bob told me that Cliff took a look at his flies and said, “Bob no matter where you go, you will always find a few suicide fish that will hit anything.”

Laying all jokes aside, last weekend, Bob and I attended his first gun show in Great Falls, and Bob was amazed at what the venders had to offer.

Bob was able to pick up some fly-tying supplies and I found a new shooting stand for the range.

While at the gun show I met Butch Kallen with Wild Wood Manufacturing in Ulm, Mont (406-866-3198, e-mail

Butch had come up with a new system for mounting deer, elk, and antelope antlers on a plaque and they look pretty. The antlers and attached to a plaque then covered with a plaster mold and leather.

The accompanying photo to this column highlights a set of antlers; the one on the right has just the mold, and the one on the left is covered with a leather cap.

Butch is still working out the final details for the kit and I will have the complete

story in my next column. But Butch did say, the kit will include all of the supplies including the plaque and can be ordered by mail.

Speaking of new ideas on the market, last week I was in Anaconda, Mont. on business and had some free time, so I stopped by ASAT Camo and talked with Jan Smollack. Jan and her husband, Rob, are the owners of ASAT Camo.

If you have been reading my columns, you know that my son, Bill, and I use and believe in the ASAT Camo and have taken some really great animals while dressed in ASAT Camo.

Have you ever looked at an item that was covered with a camo pattern and wondered how it was applied? Well, the camo pattern is applied with a process called (water transfer imaging). The pattern is on a sheet of film that is spread over a tank of water and the item to be camouflaged is dipped into the water and the pattern is transferred to it.

Jan told me that they have come up with a kit that includes all of the supplied needed to apply the ASAT pattern to just ab

out anything that can be safely submerged in water.

Jan also said detailed instructions for each step are included with the kit along is a link with username and password to an online video showing the process and detailed instructions.

If you are interested, you can find more information by going to or you can give ASAT Camo a call at 406-563-9336.

The other day I received an e-mail from Bill Reynolds with Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods in Arnold, and he said the trout fishing was hit and miss for the opened on the 24th due to the snow, but a few fish were being caught in the North Fork of the Stanislaus.

Bill said one of his customers caught a 4-pound 1-ounce, 2- inch rainbow on a Rapala. Also the DFG, will be planting While Pine Lake starting the first of May and the store is making plant for their own plant for the Father’s Day weekend.

I was talking to Dan at the store on May 2, and the only thing open was White Pines due to the snow. Bill did say they have jar at the store for donation to help fray the cost of the planting or you can send a donation directly to Bill Reynolds at Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods, P.O. Box 579, Arnold, CA. 95223.

As for what’s happening in Montana, Bob Barker, and I have been out scouting for some new hunting locations and come up with a few. Bob and his wife moved to Montana in the first of April and Bob will be able to buy a resident license on October 1.

In the past, we have been hunting around Augusta, Montana and had very good luck. The other day I saw a report from the Department of Fish and Game that stated the Grizzly bear population in and around Augusta has increased by about 3 percent for the past couple of years and hunters should be on the lookout in that area.

I was talking to Dave Holland, who is the warden for that area and he said several ranchers have reported sightings around Sims, Montana and that is only 30 miles West of Great Falls.

I think it is great. I am hoping to see one this year. In fact, I was thinking about setting one of my trail cameras in hopes of capturing one on film.

If you are heading to Montana this year on vacation or hunting in the fall, don’t forget the bear spray. All of the reports I have seen, says that the spray is much more effective than a pistol.

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