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Accused mans family thanks slain cops mom for her grace
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The family of a man accused of killing a New Orleans policeman has released a statement of sympathy and thanks to the dead man’s family.

Travis Boys, 33, is charged with killing Officer Daryle Holloway, who was driving him from a police station to jail June 20. Police have said Boys managed to get his cuffed hands in front of his body and reach a .40-caliber handgun with which he shot Holloway.

Public defender Christopher Murell, one of Travis Boys’ attorneys, emailed the family’s statement on Sunday.

“The outpouring of love and support for the Holloway family is a tribute to his life and honorable service to our community,” it said. “We cannot imagine the sorrow and heartache we know Officer Holloway’s family and children must be feeling, and we are deeply sorry for their loss. We are very moved by the grace of Officer Holloway’s mother to ask the community to hold us in its prayers.”

Olander Holloway asked for the prayers during a memorial for her son, after thanking the large crowd for honoring him.

“I also would just like to ask you all to keep Mr. Boys’ mom and his family in your prayers,” she added. “I can’t imagine what that woman is going through. I have no hard feelings in my heart for them, and I want you all to pray for her.”

Boys escaped from the police vehicle but was caught a day later after an intense manhunt.

He is scheduled for arraignment Monday in Orleans Parish Criminal Court. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty on the first-degree murder charge.