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XFL outlines draft process, ticket prices for its 8 teams
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By The Associated Press

The XFL announced team names two months ago, now it’s time for them to start building rosters and selling tickets.

The league released season-ticket prices for its eight franchises Tuesday as well as outlining the process for next week’s draft.

League COO and President Jeffrey Pollack said one of the primary goals is to provide fans with an experience that is very accessible. He said the most fundamental way of doing that is making tickets affordable. Nearly three-quarters of the season ticket prices for the eight teams are $50 or less per game.

Tickets for lower-level seats start at $20 per game for Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Washington and St. Louis, and at $25 for New York. Packages for the five games in most cities range from $100 to $450. The most expensive tickets will include club seat access.

The league will also have a price lock on season tickets the first two seasons as well as including discounts on team merchandise and a VIP field pass at one of the games. They will also have access to the league’s football advisory network, which will allow fans to share thoughts and feedback with the teams.

Pollack said there were multiple visits to each stadium to evaluate seats and prices.

Fans will start to get an idea of who will be playing in the league when the draft takes place on Oct. 15 and 16. There will be five phases to the draft — offensive skill positions, offensive line, defensive line and linebackers, secondary and open phase. Each team will make 10 selections during the first four phases with 30 picks during the open draft.

Teams will have only 90 seconds to make a selection and declare it via a video conference with the league office. In another twist that fantasy football players are familiar with, the “snake” format is being used. The DC Defenders have the first pick during the skill positions phase in odd-numbered rounds but the final pick in even-numbered selections. The LA Wildcats will have the last pick in round one but the first pick in round two.

The order was determined by lottery under the supervision of Commissioner Oliver Luck. The DC Defenders have the first pick in skill positions, Los Angeles Wildcats in offensive line, Tampa Bay Vipers for defensive line and linebackers, Dallas Renegades in secondary and St. Louis BattleHawks in the open phase.

One quarterback will be assigned to each team prior to the draft, but it has not been determined if those announcements will be made Monday or prior to the start of the draft next Tuesday.

Pollack said team uniforms and the schedule are being finalized and are expected to be revealed over the next two months. The first weekend of games is Feb. 8 and 9, which is the week after the Super Bowl.

“This month is important because the entire league is coming to life. It will have a different feel 30 days from now,” Pollack said.