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Tournament results – Feb. 28


Thunder 46, Lakers 12 (at Stella Brockman)

Brothers Brandon and Nathan Williams led the Thunder to a first round win with 12 and six points, respectively. Richard Nguyen scored half of his team’s points, finishing with six points for the Lakers.


Kings 25, Warriors 18 (at Neil Hafley)

This semifinal game was as intense as expected. Amare Suggs finished with eight points and January Murillo had six for the Warriors. The Kings were led by Tyler-Paul Wentworth who scored a total of 12 points in the win. 


Ballers 36, Rockets 16 (at Neil Hafley)

Darius Wright led the Ballers to victory scoring 12 points. Ethan Nasicmento scored seven for the Rockets, including a pull-up 3-pointer from the top of the key to tie the game before halftime.


Spurs 26, Pistons 12 (at Golden West)

This semifinal game was full of passion and heart, despite both teams suffering from injuries during its course. Noah Calmes of the Spurs and Noah Lyons of the Pistons led their teams with eight points apiece.


Other scores: Rockets 21, Bucks 13 (at Stella Brockman); Ballers 21, Sonics 5 (at Stella Brockman); Sonics 19, Nets 14 (at Stella Brockman); Lakers 14, Nuggets 11 (at Golden West); Cougars 16, Bulls 12 (at Golden West); Thunder 27, Cougars 24 (at Golden West)



Kings 35, Rockets 20 (at Stella Brockman)

Jonathan Ochoa was unstoppable, tallying 25 points for the Kings. Ivan Vieira had eight and Roman Villalovoz scored six for the Rockets.


Thunder 30, Bucks 21 (at Stella Brockman)

Dylan Lee scored seven points for the Thunder. Marcus Navarro netted six for the Bucks. Gavin Silva and Julius Hebert provided great hustle and defense for the Thunder, while scoring six and points, respectively. 


Heat 24, Warriors 16 (at Stella Brockman)

Jake Wirstlin scored 13 points for the Heat, while Gianni Addiego had eight points for the Warriors.


Thunder 24, Spurs 22 (at Stella Brockman)

The Thunder were firing on all cylinders this weekend, especially in this game, the biggest upset of the tournament. The previously undefeated Spurs were led by Christian Threadgill (six points) and Zane Salgado (five points). The Thunder were led by standout Dylan Lee, who scored 17 points from everywhere on the floor.


Warriors 43, Nuggets 11 (at Neil Hafley)

The Warriors played their strongest game of the season, winning despite holding a lower seed. Addiego finished with 21 points for the Warriors.


Magic 36, Bulls 21 (at Neil Hafley)

The Magic had eight different players score. Shooting guard Bryant “BJ” Davis tallied 23 for the Magic. The Bulls scored half of their points from inside the key. Center Bryan Howe had 10 points for the Bulls.


Other scores: Bulls 22, Lakers 9 (at Golden West)



Spurs 39, Mavericks 30 (at Golden West)

Point guard Jacob Dejesus scored 12 of his 16 points in the first half. 


Mavericks 29, Kings 25 (at Neil Hafley)

Bobby Martin led the Mavericks with eight points in this close win. Ryan Borgeson scored 12 for the Kings.


Warriors 35, Soldiers 30 (at Neil Hafley)

Dominic Garcia led all scorers with 12 points.


Other scores: Warriors 39, Bulls 27 (at Stella Brockman); Bulls 52, Grizzlies 44 (at Neil Hafley)



Monarchs 33, Lynx 21 (at Neil Hafley)

Nina Murphy and Mia Culver led the Monarchs to this semifinal win with 10 and eight points, respectively. Eryn Scott scored nine points for the Lynx.



March 1 results (at Stella Brockman)



Bantam Boys 

Ballers 27, Thunder 15

Darius Wright led his team to a championship victory, scoring 15 points. Brandon Williams played strong for the Thunder scoring 12 points.


Peewee Boys

Heat 37, Kings 31

Jake Wirstlin and Austin Frisk scored 15 and eight points, respectively for the Heat. The Kings fought a tough battle, led by Suhkjot Badh who scored 18 points. Jonathan Ochoa added eight.



Bantam Boys

Spurs 18, Kings 14

The Spurs finished the season undefeated, led by Noah Calmes’ eight points. Rex Watson and Tyler-Paul Wentworth scored six points each for the Kings. 


Peewee Boys

Thunder 34, Magic 29

The Thunder pulled off a “Cinderella” championship, winning the tournament from the No. 5 seed. They beat the first-, second- and fourth-seeded teams on their way to the title. Dylan Lee led all scorers with 21 for the Thunder. Bryant “BJ” Davis was close behind Lee, finishing with 20 points for the Magic. 


Junior Boys 

Spurs 49, Warriors 37

Dominic Garcia was lights-out for the Warriors, connecting on five 3-pointers en route to 21 points. Eric Victoria chipped in with nine. But the Spurs just had too many weapons. Jacob Dejesus had six steals and five assists. Kyle Jackson was dominant inside the paint scoring 16 points. Tyler Garlets added 13 points, including two from beyond the arc. 


Junior Girls

Monarchs 43, Shock 38

Nina Murphy was incredible for the Monarchs, scoring 23 points, 10 on fast-break layups. Mia Culver had 14 points in the win. Jada Jackson kept the Shock in the game with 17.  Kyaira Jacobs (16 points) was amazing all season for the Shock, averaging over 20 points per game for the Shock.