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Feb. 7 results


Cougars 16, Sonics 15 (at Neil Hafley)

Darius Doyle had a game-high of 10 points for the Cougars, while Colton Stonum paced the Sonics with eight points.

Kings 20, Pistons 18 (at Stellas Brockman)

In this double-overtime thriller, Tyler-Paul Wentworth led the Kings with eight points. Noah Lyons of the Pistons also had eight points, including a buzzer beating 3-pointer to send the game into its first overtime.

Bucks 14, Nuggets 8 (at Neil Hafley)

Kash King had a game-high of six points in the loss. Julio Alcocer led the Bucks to victory with five points.

Spurs 31, Nets 17 (at Stella Brockman)

Noah Calmes was unstoppable for the Spurs. He scored 18 points for the Spurs, helping to keep the team undefeated.

Other scores: Warriors 16, Thunder 15 (at Stella Brockman)



Thunder 38, Bucks 30 (at Neil Hafley)

Dylan Lee finished with 26 points for the Thunder. Danny Gonzalez kept his team in the game, scoring 13 points in in the Bucks’ first loss.

Heat 38, Rockets 12 (at Neil Hafley)

Jake Wirstlin finished with 16 points for the Heat. Josh Jimenez led the Rockets in scoring with four points.

Magic 30, Warriors 20 (at Neil Hafley)

Bryant Davis scored 23 points for the Magic. Justin Park led the Warriors with 11 points.

Other scores: Spurs 36, Nuggets 4 (at Stella Brockman); Lakers 29, Nuggets 13 (at Stella Brockman); Bulls 30, Kings 13 (at Stella Brockman)



Bulls 48, Warriors 35 (at Stella Brockman)

Manuel Aguilar of the Bulls led all scorers with 19 points.

Other scores: Warriors 43, Grizzlies 33 (at Stella Brockman); Kings 28, Soldiers 25 (at Neil Hafley); Mavericks 55, Nets 24 (at Neil Hafley)



Scores: Shock 31, Monarchs 27 (at Neil Hafley); Suns 34, Lynx 31 (at Stella Brockman)


Feb. 21 results


Rockets 17, Lakers 15 (at Neil Hafley)

Troy Morrow led all scorers with nine points.

Spurs 24, Pistons 23 (at Neil Hafley)

Noah Calmes led the undefeated Spurs with 16 points. Noah Lyons and Luis Mercado had eight and six points, respectively. Lyons played well despite a black eye suffered in practice this week.

Nets 28, Cougars 16 (at Stella Brockman)

Christian Naven led the Nets to a win with 11 points. Blake Mejorado chipped in eight. Darius Doyle scored seven points for the Cougars.

Warriors 19, Sonics 10 (at Stella Brockman)

Amare Suggs of the Warriors led all scorers with nine points.

Other scores: Ballers 27, Bucks 2 (at Stella Brockman)



Spurs 32, Kings 22 (at Neil Hafley)

Zane Salgado of the Spurs led all scorers with 11 points. Nolan Calmes chipped in seven points. Jonathan Ochoa and Sukhjot Badh had eight apiece for the Kings.

Warriors 38, Nuggets 19 (at Stella Brockman)

The Warriors had a great shooting day, three players scored in double digits. Arshdeep Sahi scored 14, Gianni Addiego and Justin Park had 11. Park gave the Warriors a great first quarter when he scored 8 points straight, including two three-pointers.

Magic 26, Bucks 25 (at Stella Brockman)

Bryant Davis of the Magic tallied a game-high 15 points. Semaj Moore added six. Marcus Navarro and Danny Gonzalez scored nine and eight, respectively.

Heat 33, Thunder 30 (at Stella Brockman)

Dylan Lee led all scorers with 19 points in the loss. Gavin Silva added nine. Austin Frisk and Jake Wirstlin scored 14 and nine, respectively, for the Heat. Frisk scored a go-ahead layup with 30 seconds left in the game.

Other scores: Bulls 53, Rockets 12 (at Neil Hafley)



Kings 35, Mavericks 29 (at Neil Hafley)

Ryan Borgeson scored 13 points to lead the Kings. Austin Scott was right behind Borgeson in scoring, he finished with 11. Geno Allen and Juan Villalvazo scored eight and seven, respectively, for the Mavericks. 

Thunder 60, Warriors 31 (at Neil Hafley)

Dallas Waters scored 17 for the Thunder and Adam Wood finished with 15. Eric Victoria led the Warriors in scoring with eight.

Other scores: Soldiers 42, Nets 29 (at Stella Brockman)



Lynx 27, Suns 22 (at Neil Hafley)

Eryn Scott had a game-high 19 points for the Lynx. Inessa Villanueva did what she could for the Suns, scoring 18 points.

Monarchs 36, Shock 30 (at Stella Brockman)

The Shock suffered this lost through fatigue, having only five players active for the full 40 minutes of play. Kyaira Jacobs scored a game-high 18 points for the Shock. Nina Murphy led the Monarchs with 17.