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EU grad Zyski Jr. is US, world power-lifting champ
East Union 2013 graduate David Zyski Jr. competes in a squat competition earlier this summer at TheFitExpo in San Jose where he took second place in the 275-pound open mens classic raw division in powerlifting. - photo by Photo courtesy of Jennifer Phares

David Zyski Jr. has made a name for himself.

The 2003 East Union High graduate has already won state and national power-lifting titles under the United States Powerlifting Association, and he’s also a world champion with the International Powerlifting League.

Zyski Jr. recently took first in the USPA National Championships in Las Vegas in mid-July for the 275-pound open men’s classic raw division.

He lifted over 1,818 pounds, which was a total of his squat, bench and deadlift combined. His next competition will be in November.

Zyski Jr. doesn’t do this full-time.

“I’ve worked at the (San Joaquin County Sherriff’s Department) since 2008,” said the current Stockton resident, who works 12-hour graveyard shifts in French Camp. “It’s awesome. I work with great people and it’s very beneficial.  I’ve definitely been doing my part for the community. I usually train six days a week from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and then I go to work.”

Zyski Jr. has been participating in weight-lifting competitions for five years. He has legitimized himself as a contender not only nationally, but worldwide as well over the last two years.

At the end of June, Zyski Jr. took second in his 275 open raw division. Dennis Cornelius (Oklahoma) tallied 2,022, while Zyski Jr. finished with 1,929 (sixth nationally). Cornelius separated himself in the squats and bench by about 100 pounds. The deadlift was fairly even.

“My short-term goal is to total over 2,000 pounds, and my long-term goal would be to lift at a large national or world event like the (Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships),” said the 6-footer. “That’s one of the biggest (competitions) in the U.S., and someday compete at the EPF Championships in Europe.”

The next competition Zyski Jr. will attend is the IPL World Championships on Nov. 6-10 in Las Vegas. He will be defending his world title and will be aiming to move up in the U.S. rankings, too.

“It’s pretty straight forward,” Zyski Jr. explained. “It’s kind of like a second job to me, and it’s a great stress reliever. As far as my parents and family, they have been No. 1 biggest fans.”

So has Max Muscle of Stockton, who currently gave Zyski Jr. a sponsorship deal toward the end of last year. He’s also sponsored by Iron Rebel Power Gear as well.

“I’m very proud to be sponsored by Max Muscle in Stockton,” said Zyski Jr., who says he consumes over 800 calories and over 600 grams of protein a day. “I get free supplements and free clothing every month. They even have a dietician (Matt Lazaro) that gives me a meal plan every month and pretty much tells me what to eat and how much to work out.

“I became a regular (at Max Muscle), and one day the (NorCal Regional Director Mark Sarale) just said ‘hey we just had a sponsored lifter fall off, do you want to sign in his place?’ The next day I went in and signed the contract and it has been official since then.”

Zyski Jr. is an IPL world champion in the 275-pound bench-pressing division. He won that on Jan. 20 with a 473.99-pound lift. He also won the USPA California State Championship for the 275 open division that same weekend.

Zyski Jr. is also a California state-record holder in the 275-pound deadlift (655.87) and the squat (600.75) which was set in December of 2011.

“Right now I’m kind of a low-key lifter,” Zyski Jr. concluded. “Not a lot of people know who I am, but I don’t put it out there. It’s something I enjoy doing and I appreciate everything I’ve gotten. I’m not the type to go and shout from the roof tops about all my accomplishments, I just push for more.”