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Careful when fishing near duck blinds
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Duck hunting season is open, so it’s important that we stay out of each other’s way.

Right now it’s not much a problem because of the clear skies, but when it becomes foggy we have to be especially careful. More than once I’ve accidently wound up fishing around a duck blind without even knowing it was there.

If you’re not sure whether or not you are approaching a blind, a good sign is if there are a bunch of decoys out in the water. When I see this I usually go around or turn back trying not to navigate through the decoys. You can also simply ask as you approach, “Is there anyone in the blind?” and they’ll surely respond.

From my experience most hunters will kindly ask you to leave the area while others may get pretty aggressive. I found it best to just leave the area.

Now, after many years of fishing the Delta I pretty much know where they like to set up their blinds so I plan out my targeted areas before I even get out on the water.

Delta Report

Fishing on the Delta has been good for some and tough for others. The clear skies have made it tough for a lot of anglers lately.

Stripers are still being caught by a lot of anglers throwing rattle traps and pencil poppers. The key to finding stripers is finding the bait. Schools of Shad are being found throughout the system right now and the stripers are feeding heavily on them.

Bass fishing has slowed for a lot of people and low weights are being caught for this time of year. Typically the jig bite is picking up, but with the high-water temperatures bass are still being caught on reaction lures such as speed traps and rattle traps.

New Melones Lake

The lake is still closed. Check with Melanie at Glory Hole Sports at (209) 736-4333 before making the trip.

Lake Don Pedro

Trout fishing has improved slightly, but nothing like it should be for this time of year. Anglers are trolling down to 60 feet with cop car lures and shad imitators.

 Bass fishing has remained solid for smaller fish. Finding the bigger fish is always difficult this time of year, as there’s plenty of bait to be found in the lake. Anglers targeting bigger fish are fishing with swim baits and jigs.

Lake Pardee

The marina reports that Stony Point Landing and the Woodpile have both been producing some nice trout during the week. Night crawlers, Power Eggs, and Power Bait in yellow and white with garlic are the most successful offerings currently.

Bass fishing is good for anglers tossing reaction baits.

Lake Tulloch

The water has cooled into the 60s on the lake, making it more fisherman friendly. Trout are starting to bite for anglers trolling down to 30 feet deep and the bass are also providing steady action for anglers tossing reaction baits.

Since the closing of New Melones many anglers are heading towards Don Pedro. Lake Tulloch is often overlooked because of its boat traffic and smaller size.

Tip of the Week

There’s nothing worse than traveling down the road and looking in your mirror only to see one of your trailer tires smoking.

Often the most overlooked part of the boat is the trailer that it sits on. Wheel bearings should be checked for grease before each trip and its good practice to place your hand on the hub of the wheel at each stop to feel for any unusual warming of the hub.

Bearing buddies are great for keeping the bearings supplied with grease and if one is to fall off while driving it could be a sign that your wheel is off balance. Before replacing with a new one first check the wheel for any play which can be caused from worn out bearings.