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Asking new boaters to watch wake
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The week proceeding Labor Day is always a pretty good week to be out on the water. 

Most people end their season with Labor Day. For us fishermen, the only other boaters on the water are usually those die-hard wake boarders. As the water temperature drops a little more, even they will start to stay home. 

By no means do I believe that I own the water or that fishermen are the only ones that should be on the water. I’ve spent many days when it seemed as if everyone who had a boat was on the lake. 

I don’t have a problem with other boaters and usually don’t mind the water being stirred up a little bit. It’s those boaters who’ve never been taught how to operate a boat that makes it a little harder on everyone. 

One piece of advice I tell to all new boaters is that you’re responsible for your wake. If your wake does damage or harm to anything or anyone you’re liable. Next time you’re out on the water please watch your wake.       


Delta Report

Early in the morning anglers are doing well while fishing for bass with top-water lures. During the day, anglers are either catching them with reaction baits like Rattle Traps or flipping heavy cover with creature baits. 

Bluegills are plentiful and can be caught just about anywhere while using red worms. During this time of year, it’s always good to have a rod with a top-water lure tied on just in case a school of striped bass appear.

New Melones Lake

The lake continues to drop. Many believe that it will only be a week or two before the launch ramp off of Glory Hole Point will no longer be in the water. 

There are still a few kokanee being caught but they’re far and few. The ones that are being caught are by anglers trolling the deepest part of the lake. 

Trout are also tough to catch. Anglers trolling for trout are finding them while trolling between 70 and 100 feet deep. As a result of the lake being so low it’s making it very tough for anglers to fish deep. Many of them aren’t willing to risk losing their gear to the many submerged trees on the bottom of the lake. 

The bass are actively feeding on the schools of shad. Finding the schools of shad is the key to catching them. Catfish are still biting well for anglers fishing the early morning and evening hours with shad, anchovies, or mackerel.

Lake Don Pedro

Trout and kokanee fishing has become tough on the lake recently. Because of the tough bite there are very few anglers fishing for either species. The water temperatures are dropping though which should improve the bite soon. 

Bass fishermen are finding bass schooling up around the many main lake points. Once finding a school they’re using a variety of baits to catch them. Drop-shotted worms and Shaky Head worms continue to be effective. 

Lake Camanche

Trout fishermen are finding trout while fishing with power bait at depths between 35 and 40 feet deep. Bass anglers are having luck early and late in the day on top-water lures. 

During the day, the bite has been tough, as anglers have to work small baits slowly along the bottom as the bass have become very lethargic during the day.

Lake Pardee

There is very little fishing pressure during the week for anglers fishing for trout. The fishing is slow, especially during the mid-day hours. Your best bet is getting there first thing in the morning. Anglers are having luck catching small limits of kokanee while trolling between 30 and 50 feet deep. 

Bass fishing is slow. Those catching fish are targeting schools of fish found as deep as 30 feet while using small plastic worms. Catfishing is good on the lake for those who are using either chicken livers or sardines. Most of the catfish are being found in the backs of coves.


New Hogan

Striped bass continue to bring baitfish to the surface. Anglers in the right place at the right time are catching limits of striped bass while tossing top-water lures or flukes through active schools of fish. Most surface activity is occurring early in the morning and lake in the afternoon.


Tip of the Week

A lot of boaters have a throw cushion on their boat that is required by the Coast Guard. Very few boaters has it readily available. 

I’m as guilty as anyone of having my throw cushion stored somewhere in my boat that I can easy get to, but isn’t exactly readily available. This year I’ve made it a habit of mine to make sure that it’s readily available, not in a compartment but right out in the open. 


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