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Bass Pros Phillip helps with knots
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I don’t know a more stubborn angler than myself. I’m often so concerned with keeping things simple that I end up missing out on potential catches. 

This week I visited Bass Pro Shops. While there I had a few fly fishing questions, particularly when it came to the knots used. 

Phillip answered all my questions and more. He actually pulled out some fly line and demonstrated to me the three knots that I needed to know and even let my son film his demonstration. I was amazed at how simple the knots were and how effective they were.

Over the years I’ve tied the same two knots, they’ve yet to fail me, but they also have hindered some of the action of the baits that I’ve been using. 

So, this week I’ve been practicing the knots that I was shown and with the help of Phillip’s demonstration combined with YouTube videos of knot tying I’m excited to put them to the test.


Delta Report

Fishing continues to be tough on the Delta. Striped bass catches are increasing as the cooler temperatures are bringing more fish through the system. For striped bass try sticking to the main channels or right outside the flooded islands. 

The largemouth bass bite has been off and on, as I believe the unstable weather conditions have halted a lot of fall type activity. Most anglers are targeting outside weed lines with jigs and crankbaits. 


New Melones Lake

Catfishing is best on the lake, as anglers are doing well while fishing off the bank with cut bait. 

Bass fishing is good for anglers who are finding schools of bass feeding on shad. Mast anglers are targeting main lake points or partially submerged islands. Trout fishing is supposedly good for the few who are venturing out while trolling the shallows for roaming trout who are actively feeding on shad. 

The lake has dropped another2 feet keeping all the paved boat ramps out of water. It is highly recommended that if you’re planning on launching a boat that your tow vehicle has four-wheel drive. 


Lake Don Pedro

Bass fishing is good on the lake as anglers are finding bass feeding on schools of shad. Anglers that are finding the schools are fishing with top-water baits and drop-shotted worms around the schools of fish for easy limits. 

There are still very few reports of trout being caught as many anglers are avoiding the lake due to its low water condition. The only serviceable launch ramp continues to be in Fleming Meadows.


New Hogan Lake

Recently the bite has been really good for large numbers of bass. Spider grubs in watermelon red is working well if thrown up to the bank and worked down to at least 20 feet. Reaction baits are also working but not as well as the jig. 

Six-inch shaky head worms are also receiving a lot of attention from bass. For the deep-water angler the larger fish are coming from anglers fishing the schools of bass down to sixty feet while using a drop shot or a jig.


Lake Camanche

There are reports from both sides of the lake stating that the trout are beginning to make their way shallower to about 15 to 20 feet deep. Bank fishing is picking up especially at North Shore near the day-use point. Limits are being caught using all kinds of colored power bait. 

The most popular being chartreuse and rainbow but worms are still producing as well. Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing between 20 and 30 feet deep with jigs and small worms.


Lake Amador

Owners of the lake have decided to wait until the water cools to plant the large Mt. Lassen trout into the lake. The first plant is scheduled for Nov. 10. 

There are a lot of 1- to 2-pound trout being caught by anglers fishing around the boat ramp and dam area while using chartreuse Power Bait. 

Bass fishing is hit or miss as the water is beginning to cool. Anglers having luck are fishing around schools of shad that are found throughout the lake.


Tip of the Week

As mentioned, one of the greatest resources to come along when it pertains to fishing information is YouTube. From learning how to tie knots, boat repair, fishing clothing, or even learning how to fish a particular bait. The information that you’re looking for is likely to be there.  


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