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Be mindful of speed while on the water
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With all the fog that we’ve been having recently, I’m reminded of how important it is that we slow down on the water.

Aside from other possible boats, with the rise in water levels a lot of shoreline debris has made itself into the water. Over the years I’ve seen just about everything floating in the Delta.

Once, right out of Ladd’s Marina, I saw a spare tire partially submerged, floating in the main channel. The thought of hitting that tire while travelling at full speed was enough for me to slow down the rest of the day.

In fact, just about every time I’m operating my boat at a high rate of speed, I often envision that same tire floating just out of sight.

According to the California Department of Boating Waterways: “In restricted visibility, motorboats should have the engines ready for immediate maneuvering. An operator should be prepared to stop the vessel within the space of half the distance of forward visibility.”

Delta Report

For those braving the elements it’s been really slow out on the Delta. Anglers targeting stripers are doing ok while drifting live bait or trolling rebels and bombers.

Bass fishermen are struggling lately as a lot of the delta has muddied up and the water temperatures continue to fluctuate.

Anglers fishing for bass are having to slow way down; many bass have become very lethargic. Jigs and slowly worked crank baits have been the go to baits lately.

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing continues to good to fair for anglers fishing off the bank. Anglers are using Power Bait in rainbow or chartreuse, or a nightcrawler/scented marshmallow combo. Make sure that your bait is floating off the bottom, as that seems to be the method of successful anglers. Anglers fishing out of boats are also having decent action while drifting live minnows under a bobber.

There have also been reports of a few brown trout mixed in with the rainbows. Most of the trout being caught are from the recent trout plants, not much size has been reported. Bass fishing continues to slow for a lot of anglers. Those catching bass are fishing off shore structure with slow moving baits.

Lake Amador

Anglers continue to be pleased with the trout bite. The banks have been filling up fast so make sure to get there early.

Power Bait fished off the bottom is still the best method for catching Trout at Lake Amador.

There are several weekly plants going on which have put some of the lakes larger bass on the prowl. Trout imitating swimbaits have been responsible for several nice catches recently.  

Lake Camanche

Trout fishing is good for anglers fishing around the North Shore area. Trout are being caught on Power Bait.

Anglers are also doing well while fishing in the trout ponds the lake has to offer. Bass fishing has slowed some, jigs and small worms are working well while fished slowly around sunken island tops.

Lake Don Pedro

Trout fishing remains good, and many fish are being caught while fishing the top 25 feet. Anglers are trolling a variety of different baits just below the surface.

Bass fishing continues to be tough for anglers as the water remains very cold. Anglers fishing for bass are using jigs down to 50 feet.

Lake Pardee

Opening day is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 17.

Featured Product

If you’re like me, you’ve probably done something for years, only to later come across a product that you wished you would have thought of a long time ago.

A lot of trout baits come in small jars and have a consistency similar to play dough. Not only is it sticky to the touch but can leave your hands with a pretty distinguishable smell.

There’s a new product out called, The Power Skoop by Thompson Mfg. This product is as handy as they come and is designed to eliminate all your frustrations when fishing with many dough type trout baits.

The Power Skoop can be described as a small scoop which can be used to retrieve perfectly round sized portions of trout bait without having to dig it out with your fingers.

You may find this product online at

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