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Best fishing spots can be the unappealing ones
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Often I see fishermen point at an area or spot and say, “It looks good over there!”

For someone who is new to the sport, he or she may wonder to themselves what it is exactly they are looking for.

First, you have to realize that fish live underwater and not on top of the water. Part of the learning process for anglers is their ability to distinguish between what looks good to them and what the fish may be attracted to.

You would be amazed at the amount of spots that get very little fishing pressure because they don’t look like anything special from above. Some of my most prized spots are all by themselves, where there is no identifiable landmark.

Often, a strategy professional anglers use is to seek out areas that look the most unappealing. There’s a good chance that the average angler is going to overlook such areas, and if there are fish there they’re going to be less reluctant to bite.

Next time you’re out, force yourself to fish areas that don’t look appealing to you. By doing that you may be surprised at what you find.

Delta Report
Fishing on the Delta continues to be good for largemouth bass. Fish are being caught on a variety of techniques.

As more baitfish make their way through the system fishing should get easier. Jigs and lipless crank baits are accounting for a lot of numbers.

Striper fishing is still spotty with most fish being caught by those fishing the west side of the Delta.

As the water temperature drops the stripers should begin to make their way further through the system.
New Melones Lake
Catfish are being caught all around the lake on cut bait. The best time of day to catch them is in the evening.

Bass fishing has slowed down recently as smaller fish are being caught on small plastics during the day. Trout fishing continues to be good for those fishing under submersible lights.

Most anglers are having luck while fishing between 20 and 30 feet deep under the Stevenot Bridge. Kokanee are far and few right now as usually during early fall they attempt to spawn.

Lake Don Pedro
Bass fishing is good on the lake with a lot of fish being caught on reaction baits. The water temperature has been dropping so the crank bait and rip bait bite have been especially good for many.  

Lake Camanche
There are very few reports of trout being caught on the lake right now. Bass fishermen are being provided decent action in the morning hours on top water lures and crankbaits during the day.

Most of the fish being caught are small but the action is steady. Catfishing remains good at night for anglers fishing cut bait off the bank.

Lake McClure
There’s a good topwater bite for bass right now in the river narrows. Crank baits are also working well for limits of bass. Trout fishing is slow.

Those having any success are fishing as deep as 45 feet with wedding rings and blade/crawler combinations. Crappie fishing has slowed down some; the best action has been at night under lights.

Catfishing is good in the evenings and through the night at depths from 5 to 15 feet with anchovies or cut baits.

Lake Pardee
Fishing for Kokanee has slowed a lot since the spawn has started. There are very few reports of any Kokanee being caught right now on the lake.

Anglers fishing for bass are having success early in the mornings while tossing topwater baits. There is a good reaction bite on the lake right now as cooler water temperatures have made the bass more active.

Tip of the Week
If you’re thinking about planning a camping trip I recommend that you reserve a site in advance.

When choosing a location there are a couple things that you may want to take into consideration. Location of the bathrooms, showers, and high traffic areas, should be noted as campers will often walk through campsites to get to the bathroom or shoreline.

If the roads are unpaved dust can also be a problem if camped right next to a high traffic area.

It’s a good habit to visit the campgrounds before reserving a site, this will give you an opportunity to observe the routs campers are taking and the really good campsites shouldn’t be hard to pick out.