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Calm nerves and a little luck key to fishing
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You just never know how your day is going to go while on the water.

I’ve been out on the most beautiful days where everything seemed perfect and never got so much as a bite. I’ve also been out in some of the worst weather and experienced some of the best fishing.

There are so many unknown factors out there that it’s almost impossible not to think of someone being lucky. One of my most eye-opening experiences came when I fished as a co-angler during a Bassmaster Tournament on Lake Amistad. I was able to fish with three different professional anglers.

Being a lifelong fan, I was expecting to see something from the pros that I’ve never seen before. None of them casted any better than I did or had a secret bait or technique that I didn’t know about. What they did have was a sense of calmness that I’ve never seen from someone fishing for $100,000.

They all caught their biggest fish of the day while working the banks just like everyone else. One in particular had to pull into a cove that he never fished before because the main lake was too rough and proceeded to catch two fish over 5 pounds on a bait that he’d never fished with before.

Another spotted a bass cruising and tossed a regular 6-inch worm in front of it and the fish bit the worm.

For those who have tried to catch a cruising fish, you know that never happens! I was blown away by that experience and believe that you must have some luck on your side to make a living as an angler.

I’ve also tried to remain calm and not worry so much about when my next bite will come, because you just never know.

Delta Report

Bass are still being found along the edges of the grass while using crank baits or Senko’s. There are a few reports of stripers being caught in Franks Tract and around Big Break by those tossing pencil poppers or fishing with live or cut bait.

As the water temperature continues to drop the fishing will surely get better for striper. Several salmon are being caught by anglers fishing for bass.

Remember, if you catch a salmon on the San Joaquin side of the river it must be released. Only those caught in the Sacramento side of the river can be kept.

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing has slowed a bit as anglers are having a tougher time bringing in limits of fish. Those having the best luck are trolling between 15-35 feet deep around the mouths of the many major cove arms.

As the water temperature drops the shad will start making their way into the backs of the coves and the trout will surely follow them. Bass fishing is fair, as anglers are catching a lot of small fish while fishing small worms and lures.

If you have a fish finder, keep an eye out for schooling activity as typically during this time of year the bass will have the shad schooled up around the main lake points.

Lake Pardee

Trout fishing is hit or miss for anglers trolling from 20-35 feet deep. Bass fishing is good for anglers fishing Senko’s and small jigs or worms down to 35 feet.

Remember, the lake will be closing for the season starting Nov. 6. 

Lake Don Pedro

Anglers trolling for trout are doing well while trolling between 25-50 feet deep.

The key to finding the schools of trout are following the birds, which are keyed into the schools of shad and the trout are following and feeding off of the schools of shad.

Bass fishing is fair for anglers who are finding schools of fish. Some anglers are still catching fish on topwater lures but it’s really hit or miss right now.

The lake has dropped to 794.48 and 79 percent capacity.

Lake Amador

The first plant of cut bows for the 2011-2012 season took place on Tuesday with over 5,000-pounds of fish ranging from 2 pounds upward.

The plants took over 4 hours to complete, and there will be regular plants on a weekly basis of at least 3,000 pounds. The lake is only 12 feet from spilling, and irrigation releases have ceased for the remainder of the year.

Crappie fishing remains strong with plastics or mini jigs in the first coves out of the launch ramp.

Upcoming events

Barry Canavaro is hosting a seminar on stripers Oct. 27 at Fisherman’s Warehouse in Manteca. The seminar starts at 6 p.m.

At Stockton’s Weber Point Oct. 29, Nick the Informative Fisherman from is holding a free fishing event for all.

There will be a big fish prize and free drawing. The event begins at 10 a.m. next to the Weber Point Event Center.

For more information visit the website or call Nick at (719) 285-4247.

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