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Concealed carry ballot measure
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Every so often there is a gun control measure put on the ballot for voters to consider. Most such measures are misguided efforts to reduce violent crime. The theory behind such restrictive gun measures seems to be based on the idea that if it’s harder to obtain a gun, then violent crime rates will drop. Ironically, the exact opposite has been proven true time after time.

That’s right, making guns more available to ordinary citizens actually reduces violent crime. Don’t believe me? Consider this. About 20 years ago three states had laws that mandated the government to issue concealed gun permits to any ordinary citizen who met 3 simple qualifications: 1. No felony convictions. 2. No history of mental illness, and 3. No history of domestic violence. If you met those criteria, you then had to take and pass a basic firearms course and the government had to issue your concealed weapon permit. In the last 20 years or so, 35 additional states adopted “Shall Issue” laws.

In every single state that passed “Shall Issue” laws, the violent crime rate dropped dramatically. It’s hard to argue with the facts. Making concealed weapon permits more readily available to law abiding citizens always reduces violent crime.

If my math is right, 38 states having passed “Shall Issue “laws means that 12 states have not done so. Among the states that do not have “Shall Issue” laws are Massachusetts and New York. Guess which cities have the most violent crime rates? Boston & New York City. Washington, D.C. and California also do not have “Shall Issue” laws.  In “Shall Issue” jurisdictions, the law applies equally to all citizens who meet the basic criteria and the government must issue the requested concealed weapon permit. In California and other jurisdictions without such equality under the law, permits are handed out at the discretion of the local Sheriff or Police Chief.

If you’re a politician or a big campaign contributor, I’ll bet your chances of getting a CCW permit are a lot better than those who are not well connected. Of course most of our Sheriffs and Police Chiefs are dedicated professionals doing the best they can. Still, it seems to me that passing a “Shall Issue” law in California would be a step toward a safer society that guarantees every citizen the equal protection of the law. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Now a fellow in Sonoma County, is backing a ballot initiative that would make California a “Shall Issue” state if it is passed by the voters. Dr Ignatius Piazza is the founder of Front Sight firearms training schools, and is seeking help from California citizens to gather the necessary signatures to place a “shall issue” initative on the California ballot in November 2012. If you’d like to help, or want more information, contact me at or contact Dr Piazza at

You have an opportunity to regain some of the freedom we’ve lost over the past few decades. What you do with that opportunity is up to you.

Until next week, Tight Lines