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Concealed carry discount?
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Last week, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis was robbed at gun point, and it was the final straw for owner Art Bouvier. 

His restaurant Cajun Roux now offers a substantial discount for concealed weapon permit holders. “To me, it’s just common sense. I’m going to reward it. ” Bouvier says. Its part of a growing nation-wide trend.  Bergerons in Port Allen Louisiana has offered discounts for over a year to customers who are lawfully carrying firearms. While Shiloh Brew & Chew in Maryville Tennessee posts signs welcoming gun carrying customers and the All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia offers discounts to customers who are carrying.

About a year ago a small restaurant in Rifle Colorado, The shooters Grill, made nationwide news when The L.A. Times and a host other media revealed that the waiters were carrying guns as they served the meals.  You can order a “Guac Nine” and have it delivered by a waitress wearing a Glock 9. 

Owner Lauren Boebert says “It’s a way of life. When you walk into Shooters, you are walking into America. This is what America is”. You can even order the house special for only $75; the “Sidearm Sandwich” which is dinner and a concealed carry course. 

Bob Owens, a writer for the on-line publication Bearing Arms estimates that there are over 50, 000 pro-gun restaurants nationwide that welcome gun carrying customers. In checking with local law enforcement agencies there appear to be about 1,000 concealed carry permits in San Joaquin County. If a restaurant picked up 10% of those permit holders that would add 100 customers to its customer base. Bear in mind that these are concealed carry customers, so the average customer wouldn’t even see a difference.  A 100 new customers with no outside change in appearance, sounds like a good business decision to me. 

 While more and more pro-gun restaurants are popping up all over the nation, thus far I have been unsuccessful in locating one in The Peoples Republic of California.  Except for the Barnwood Restaurant in Ripon which closed about a year ago, I wonder if there are any pro-gun restaurants in our area. If you find one, shoot me an email and let me know.  Meanwhile, it’s hunting season for deer and bear here and I’m pretty sure there’s a bear out there calling my name. 

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