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FISHING REPORT: Lost lure, broken line mar outing

Losing a $40 lure was the low point of last weekend’s fishing trip.
I’m usually good about checking my knots and line, especially when I’m going to be fishing with a lure that isn’t easily replaced. What made things worse was that my line broke while hooked up into a big fish.
After calming myself down, I discovered that one of the eyes on my rod had been damaged and was fraying my line. Seldom do I have only one of a particular lure. I usually buy lures in pairs, especially if it has been productive. The lure was back ordered and I wasn’t sure how well it would work, so I only got one.
After losing it, my confidence was lowered until I got a bite on a different lure. Upon arriving home, the first thing that I did was place an order for two new lures. One arrived earlier this week, while the other will be arriving today.
I’ve since removed the broken rod from my boat and will definitely be making sure that all the eyes on my rod are in good condition.

Delta Report 
Striped bass are really starting to bite on the outgoing tide. Anglers fishing for stripers are jigging 1-ounce Hopkins jigs, trolling broken back Rebels or drifting live bait. Remember the limit is two striped bass per person, per day and they must be over 18 inches long.
Largemouth bass are still being caught on reaction baits, but the bigger fish continue to elude anglers. Fishing the outside edges of deep weed lines are good areas to try.
Bluegills continue to bite while fishing baby night crawlers off the bottom. A lot of nice-sized bluegill are being caught while fishing around the docks at Paradise Point. November is the month for early morning fog, so plan accordingly.

New Melones Lake
The trout bite has begun to pick up. Bank anglers are starting to report good catches while using power bait. Trolling for trout continues to be slow but should start picking up shortly as the water temperature continues to drop.
Bass fishing is very good for smaller fish. The larger bass are likely to be following the trout up shallow. This time last year, anglers were catching big fish while tossing swim baits around main lake points. 

Lake Tulloch
Trout fishing is said to be excellent on the lake. Trout are actively feeding on the surface down to twenty feet right now with the average trout weighing between 2-4 pounds. Anglers trolling are catching them with shad imitating lures, Ex-Cel lures seem to be a favorite among trollers.
Bass fishing is good, as anglers are doing well while fishing jigs and reaction baits. Tulloch is another clear lake with trout, tossing a big swimbait may be a good idea right now as many of the surrounding lakes are producing big swimbait fish.

Lake Don Pedro
Trout and salmon fishing continues to be very slow on the lake. Bass fishing is also tough as the bass being caught are small. As the trout fishing improves look for the bass fishing to also improve as they both are competing for the same food source. 

Lake Amador
Trout are being planted heavily and anglers aren’t leaving disappointed. The lake is scheduled to receive 4,500 pounds of trout for the month of November.
Power bait is the bait of choice for anglers as limits are being caught throughout the lake. The dam area seems to be a favorite location of bank anglers as most plants occur there.

Lake Camanche
Trout plants have begun both in the trout pond and around the south shore boat ramp. As the weather cools even more, look for more frequent plants to occur.
Anglers fishing in the pond are using power bait or their favorite trout lures for limits of trout. In the main lake the trout are more scattered. Most anglers are choosing to use their favorite trout baits with power bait being the number one bait of choice.
Bass fishing is steady for anglers fishing with crank baits from the shoreline down to 20 feet deep.

Tip of the Week
A lot of boat owners don’t know that it is illegal to transport live gamefish. As much as you may want to keep your catch alive, if pulled over and inspected, you can face a heavy fine.
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