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Manteca Vs East Union II: Worth watching
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Very seldom can I walk into the offices of The Manteca Bulletin and be excited about work – especially about a day that is 24 hours away. I mean, even though my gig is pretty sweet, the worries of today are usually more than enough to keep me occupied.

Yet, lo and behold, all I have been thinking about is Manteca vs. East Union II. The second matchup between the two programs definitely deserves a Rocky-esque title or something. They put together an instant classic Wednesday and Friday I’ll be tuned in for the second installment.

The average person would probably think it would be just a job. You know, like how you go to work and really just give the shots, or deliver the package, or maybe even refill the soda, but it’s just going to work for most, nothing more, nothing less.

For me, that simply is not the case. I am thinking baseball, the entire time. Wondering why such-and-such ain’t bunting here, or why this kid would swing at the first pitch with two runners in scoring position with two outs. WHY?

So, that matchup had my interest piqued to say the least. And for some reason I would think it would be a pretty safe wager that everyone in attendance thought that game was insane. Am I a fool for just assuming that today’s game will not be as exciting?

I’m not even asking you to put the Valley Oak League standings into consideration. These guys are playing for a little bit more than bragging rights for that time you see the other player at In-N-Out, these dudes are trying to see a postseason.

The VOL’s breakdown is absurd as of time of press. Oakdale has only two games remaining on its schedule, so they sit atop the standings with a 9-3 mark. Both Manteca and East Union have 8-3 records, and both Sierra and Sonora sit with four losses.

Half the teams in the league are sitting on top of each other like broke bunk-beds and Manteca vs. East Union II will definitely create some separation. When the final out is recorded, Oakdale will be atop the standings, only it’ll have co-ownership.

I look back at Game 1 as the appetizer. Baseball royalty like myself can always appreciate a quality pitcher’s duel. I wouldn’t be mad if Peck and Kron rolled out there for seven more, but that’s simply not reality.

Anyone in the city limits at 4 p.m. owes it to themselves to go watch a quality baseball game over at East Union High. I’m prefacing it as quality baseball because that is exactly what Manteca vs. East Union I was. So, if you show up and see four errors, I’ll be as upset as the team who slipped out of second place. The only thing I know for sure, is that I am pumped to see Manteca vs. East Union II today.

And memo to all the seniors participating, the E15 scenario is real and alive. Don’t for one second ever think it’s cool for you to drink and drive, that is not cool. If your buddy or girlfriend “died” in the presentation and you’re still emotionally drained for the big game, get focused and dedicate the game to them.