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New Hogan has Ballardos coming back for more
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It’s been a while since I’ve taken my family out fishing for the day, and this past Monday seemed like the perfect time.

The rain was supposed to hold off and I still had enough gas in my boat, so I decided to take advantage of the break in our schedules. I knew it was going to be expensive. Before I even left Manteca I spent close to $100.

After putting gas in the truck, purchasing a fishing license, and buying our lunch, the only other cost left was the launch fee.

New Hogan Lake was the perfect choice for several reasons: it’s less than 50 miles away, the launch fee is only $4, the lake is kept immaculate and it has four species of bass in it.

Getting to the lake, I couldn’t believe how high the water was. I’ve never seen it completely full. The launch ramp was maybe a hundred feet from the parking lot and there was only one other boat out on the water.

We ended up having a wonderful day catching our limit of bass and pretty much had the lake to ourselves. We fished up until about 6 p.m. and took our catch to the fish-cleaning station and filleted them out.

I normally don’t keep my catch, but the fish from New Hogan are some of the best-tasting around. Coincidentally, as soon as I submit this report, I’m heading back up to New Hogan for another day of fishing with the family.

The moon is going to be full this Friday, the water temperatures are on the rise and the fishing should be excellent.  

Delta Report
The largemouth bass bite is wide open with numbers and size being caught. Senko’s and jigs are the top baits.

Large groups of fish are making their way into the shallows in anticipation of the next full moon that is due at the end of the week.

Once the tide bottoms out try fishing the outside weed line as bass will often move to the edge once the tide drops and return shallow one the tide rises.  

New Melones Lake
Trout fishing continues to be great. Anglers are catching them on Power Bait and inflated worms combined with marshmallows.

Anglers trolling for trout have been doing well while trolling the top 25 feet. The hot lures have been Apex and Cop Cars in shad-imitating patterns.

Bass fishing is picking up as a lot of fish have been cruising the shallows looking for areas to spawn. Senko’s have been working very well as a lot of fish are being caught while roaming the banks.

Crappie and bluegill fishing is starting to improve. Crappies are being caught while fishing the tops of sunken trees with minnows and crappie jigs.

Lake Don Pedro
Fishing has picked up lately with trout being caught while fishing the top 25 feet of water. Mexican Gulch, Jenkins Hill, Laughlin Island, and Middle Bay are areas that are producing plenty of nice fish.

For the king salmon target, Hatch Creek, Six Bit Gulch and Woods Creek, target depth from 45 to 60 feet rolling shad or anchovies. Bass fishing is great on the lake, as anglers are catching a lot of fish while fishing Senko’s and shad patterned crank baits.

New Hogan
Not much attention has been given to this lake — it’s one my personal favorite springtime destinations.

How can anyone argue paying a $4 launch fee to fish gin-clear water during spawning season?

On Monday, I spent my day fishing the lake and caught several nice fish. Schools of bass were found making their way into the backs of coves and easily enticed with a shaky head worm, green pumpkin.

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds, this is the place to be during the week.

Lake Camanche
Bass fishing is improving on the lake, as a lot of fish are beginning to make their way into the shallower waters.

For bass it’s tough to beat a wacky-rigged Senko. Anglers are also tossing lures for smaller bass but greater numbers of fish.

Trout fishing remains good for anglers fishing in the ponds and in the lake. Power Worms and Power Eggs are the bait of choice.

Brown Trout are also being caught on Rapala J-9’s around Hat Island.

Tip of the Week
It’s that time of the year when the fish are biting just about any lure you can put in front of them making it the perfect time to take a child fishing.

When choosing artificial bait, it’s really hard beating a wacky-rigged Senko for bass. For a child it’s easy to fish and irresistible for roaming fish. If fishing a weedy area the bait can be rigged weedless.

What I also like about this bait is that the fish don’t normally spit it out. Often, the fish pretty much hook themselves. You can purchase Senko’s at most tackle stores.

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