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Players could use crowd support every night
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I obviously wasn’t the only person excited about Friday night’s marquee matchup between the Sierra and Weston Ranch boys basketball teams.

Too bad the two clubs will likely not play in front of a high-intensity crowd like Friday night’s until they meet again Feb. 18.

Friday’s 67-56 Weston Ranch win had all the trimmings that come along with a big-time high school basketball team. The sophomore game’s buzzer-beater finish laid the foundation for things to come, and ignited a crowd that kept at it the entire contest.

With each possession the crowd grew with intensity, both cheer squads guided and directed their respective faithful and the players understood their game had to match the atmosphere. Whether casual fan knows it or not, when you support your program it will rally behind you.

Do you think when blistering hot Eddie Andrade decided to shred the south goal’s net in the third quarter it wasn’t sparked by the raucous Timberwolves in attendance? Those screams make a difference, and these kids need that support more than twice a season. Unless you go far enough to get ejected, then your services likely are not going to be necessary.

The Cougars put together their best performance since a 58-45 win over Sonora. Sure they were coming off their first legitimate test since the Sonora win, but the inspired play displayed by Weston Ranch had a lot to do with home-court advantage that is usually saved for playoff competition.

“I hope we can get this kind of turnout more than twice a year,” Weston Ranch athletic director Pat King said. “Our kids are starting to buy into it, they understand that both of our teams, boys and girls, are very competitive this year. They understand that our team goes as our crowd goes.

“When we were down out there tonight, our crowd got us back into it.”

I understand that the demands on time are at an all time high, but these student bodies are going to have to try and devote one game a week to their respective hoop programs. I could imagine how hard the girls would be playing if you couldn’t hear yourself unwrapping Starbursts in the middle of their action.

The kids deserve it. They work hard and dedicate a great portion of their time and effort to the names that are on the front of the uniforms. There will never be a problem packing the house if a team can earn a postseason nod, but how about trying to give both the boys and the girls program someone else to play hard for.