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Ready or not its time for some football
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There was a brief moment where I actually contemplated what we would do if the members of the National Football League were unable to reach common ground with the collective bargaining agreement.

After 120-plus days of dreaming about the upcoming NFL season, there was a brief moment that I pondered Boise State and Georgia’s showdown being the big kickoff to the football season.

All that thought process went out the window when Mr. Billionaire and Johnny Millionaire worked out their differences, appeased the masses and setting in motion the 2011 football season. We don’t have to raise the stock of the college football season; now, we have “real” football.

The thought of not having the season really divulged how dear the National Football League season has been to me for just about as long as I can remember. It seems like yesterday when my dad asked me if I wanted to go to church or stay home and watch that Niners game back in 1981.

The NFL has burned a place into all of our hearts, whether you are a casual fan or one of the real fanatics, there is a spot that would have been left void if the NFL would not have played this season.

Fantasy leagues, road trips to games, and even the moderate wagering done with NFL games, all stood in jeopardy at one point this summer. In the 48 hours that have passed since the lockout has been lifted, preparation for these tasks and more have been full steam ahead.

I constantly wondered what the differences between the owners and players really amounted to. I knew the players wanted a bigger piece of the revenue pie and the owners wanted a couple more games, but now all I care about is who’s going to be quarterbacking in San Francisco.

However they were able to work out their differences. I’m just glad they did. It would be pathetic to get used to life without the National Football League, since my off days are Sunday and Monday.

Luckily that horrible vision is behind us all and we can readjust our lives back to living, breathing and sleeping football. I’m sure we would have made it, but making it cannot compare to actually getting ready for some football.