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Remembering the first catch that got me hooked
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While visiting a favorite fishing website of mine, a group of anglers were discussing fishing and sharing memories of catching their first fish. 

Can you remember yours? Mine was a bluegill out of Lake Camanche while camping with my family. 

I can’t remember the fight as well as I remember the feeling of accomplishment. As they say, “I was hooked!” 

When that camping trip ended, I must have driven my parents crazy while begging them to take me fishing again. Fortunately, my dad also liked to fish. We fished together almost every weekend it seemed. 

As I got older, I would meet up with friends after school at a local fishing spot to fish. As soon as one of us started driving we fished the local lakes as much as we could. 

Now, we all have families, jobs and our own boats. We still get together from time to time, but nothing like when we were younger. 

Like a lot of us, I started out with a little Zebco push button reel and some worms that I dug up in my backyard.   

Delta Report

Lipless rattle baits are working well for numbers of fish. Once the wind is down, anglers are having success while tossing Senko’s along the weed lines. For bigger fish many are tossing Snag Proof frogs. 

The bites are far and few but the quality of fish are above average. The weights are down, as many local tournaments are being won with less than 20 pounds. 

As we get closer to fall, the bite should pick up and the stripers should start making their way through the system. 

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing has really slowed down for anglers fishing at night and during the day. Bass fishing continues to be good for smaller fish but the bigger bites are scarce. Catfishing is still good for anglers fishing the evening hours while using cut bait. 

Many anglers are fishing right off the bank with chicken livers for catfish up to 11 pounds. The lake’s water level has finally receded below the concrete launch ramp leaving boaters to have to launch from the shore. 

Glory Hole Point is currently the only launching option until the water levels rise. 

Lake Don Pedro

There are very few reports of trout or salmon being caught on the lake. Unfortunately, all the reports coming from the lake have been about the recent thefts that have been occurring in both the campsites and around the houseboats. Visitors are highly encouraged to secure and watch all their valuables. 

Bass fishing is slow, with lots of smaller fish being caught but very few of any size. Anglers are currently catching bass while drop-shotting and spooning anywhere between 25 to 40 feet deep.   

Lake Camanche

Anglers are having luck while fishing for trout around the lakes dam. Anglers are trolling anywhere from 40-100 feet deep for their bites. Bass fishing remains good for those fishing with Senko’s and crankbaits during the day. Catfishing remains good for anglers fishing at night off the bank. 

Lake Pardee

Catfishing is good on the lake. Anglers are focusing on the southern coves of the lake and around the recreation area. Many of them are reporting success while using chicken livers for bait. 

Fishing for trout and kokanee has been really slow for anglers. As the weather cools the bite should pick up.

New Hogan

There are still a lot of striped bass being caught by anglers fishing early in the morning or late in the day. Many of the locals are choosing to fish the last few hours of the day and are being rewarded with 10 fish limits of striped bass up to 7 pounds. 

The bait of choice for anglers targeting stripers is white Zoom Flukes that are fished through boiling schools of stripers.

Tip of the Week

Super Glue is one of the most versatile products to have on a boat. It can be used for just about everything from closing up a wound to sealing a leak. Many don’t realize it but superglue will actually cure under water.   

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