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Sierra High Saturday
What a way for the world to end
Celebrating Sierra Highs section soccer title Saturday that came within an hour after their schoolmates took the section softball title are, from left, players Kristen Debouwer, Patricia Angel, Ashley Sohal, Dianna Alfaro, and Daisy Rivera. - photo by HIME ROMERO

The world didn’t come to an end Saturday.

But the Sac-Joaquin Section championship dreams of two Sierra High opponents did.

And while it wasn’t exactly The Rapture, the young ladies on the Sierra High soccer and softball teams basked in the glory of bringing home two coveted blue banners within hours of each other in Stockton.

Players for both teams woke up Saturday morning obviously knowing they had to play like there was no tomorrow as the section finals are the ultimate last dance of the season.

You’ve got to ask yourself, though, one question: Exactly what is in the water at the Sierra High campus? What school gets two section banners in one day?

That’s even big news to Scott Brooks.

All they did was wake up Saturday morning, head south to handle business to nab the ultimate accomplishment in high school sports.

It was a day loaded with moments that will last a lifetime.

Take Iyana Hughes blast that went off the wall and broke open the softball team’s section title game. She’s going to see that hit in her head for a long time.

There are so many easy things to do in high school sports. You can be lazy in class and become ineligible, that’s easy. You can quit. Nothing is easier than that. Even making excuses is so terribly easy it’s pathetic.

But winning a section championship, there is exactly NOTHING easy about that. So many things have to lineup in your favor to make that common-place dream a reality it’s insane. Looking at that special accomplishment in that light, it was definitely Sierra High Saturday.

That’s what it will always be called in the hearts of Sierra High softball fans. They’ll talk about Vanni’s senior year, and say ‘Yeah, they won it all on Sierra High Saturday, remember that’. They’ll laugh and talk about how they drove from soccer to softball or left softball early and came back, but everyone around her is going to remember Sierra High Saturday.

Not bad for a day the world was supposed to come to an end.