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VanDams title airing on Saturday
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Congratulations to Kevin VanDam for winning his fourth Bassmaster Classic this past weekend held on the Louisiana Delta.

Coming in second place was native Californian Aaron Martins.

Kevin won the tournament by a little over 10 pounds. This latest classic victory tied him with bass fishing legend Rick Clunn. It’s an amazing accomplishment to say the least!

To win once in a lifetime is something to brag about, but four times is unbelievable. Unfortunately, the tournament wasn’t aired live this year, leaving us fans to wait until this weekend to watch it. There was a live internet feed available, but I’d much rather wait until it was broadcast.

Fishing is one of those sports that I don’t think they’ve really figured out the best way to present it. Legendary bass fisherman Rick Clunn described fishing as, “Playing basketball without being able to see the basket.”

With so many competitors spread out all across a body of water it’s almost impossible to catch all the action when you’re completely unaware of when it’s going to happen. So, this weekend I’ll be watching the tournament even though I know already who won.

The shows have actually been good over the years, I just wish they would go back to airing it closer to the actual date of the event.

The event will be aired Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN2.  

Delta Report

Fishing has been very tough for most anglers, as very few fish are being caught.

Anglers catching bass are catching big pre spawn fish on black and blue jigs.

What’s making it so tough is that the bites are so far and few. Currently, the water temperature is right at 50 degrees, and the water is stained in most areas.

Slow-moving baits such as jigs and worms have been successful with most bites being very soft as the fish have been just swimming off with the bait 65 percent of the time.

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing has slowed down. Anglers that are still able to catch them are trolling or fishing off the bottom with power bait or inflated worms.

Bass fishing has slowed down as the bass are likely to be in pre-spawn mode. Currently, fishing small plastics and jigs around main lake points has been providing the most consistent bite.  

Lake Don Pedro

Fishing at Lake Don Pedro has also been tough lately — only the skilled veterans are bringing in trout with any consistency.

Bass fishing is very tough for the majority of anglers. Like New Melones, the bass are preparing for the spawn, which makes it tough to induce a feeding strike.

Lake Amador

Trout are being planted weekly, so now is the best time of the year to get out and fish the lake for trout.

Most anglers either troll small shad imitating lures right below the surface or fish with power bait right off the bottom.

Lake Pardee

The lake is 5 feet below spillway and the trout are being very cooperative. Anglers are doing well while fishing around the recreational areas.

Power bait fished off the bottom. Bass fishing has yet to turn on, as the water temperatures increase look for the fish to start moving shallow. The water temperature is in the low 50s.

Lake Camanche

A series of storms passed that really seem to hinder the fishing. The lake continues to be planted with 10,000 pounds of trout monthly, so the bite should begin to improve.

Most of the trout being caught are by a few lucky anglers fishing the South Shore Pond. Bass fishing continues to be tough , as the water temperature has just reached 50 degrees. Lake Camanche will be having a bass tournament March 19.

Anglers of all age, skill, and experience all welcome. There will be a post-tournament barbecue.

For more information, contact Sean Senti at 209 763-5121.

Tip of the Week

Choosing a place to fish this time of year can be difficult.

There are many good bodies of water to choose from locally but the reports haven’t been all that good. When I know the fishing is going to be tough, I usually try to stay as close as I can to home.

Doing so eliminates travel costs and makes it easier to call it a day if the weather turns for the worst.

To contact Jarod Ballardo, e-mail